• Dumb Idea Of The Week: 'Match Game' With Alec Baldwin
    Game shows are supposed to be fun. So who on Earth came up with the idea of hiring wet blanket Alec Baldwin to host a new version of "Match Game?"
  • TV Or Not TV: Trump Was Natural Performer Long Before 'Apprentice'
    Since Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency last June, much has been said about the importance of his now-former NBC reality series in making him a national media figure.
  • What The Google Guy Said Last Week About Television
    The theme of Google President Daniel Alegre's keynote speech at the National Association of Broadcasters Association was "TV is not dead." This runs counter to the so-called conventional wisdom, which holds that TV is dead.
  • Long National Nightmare Ends As Kelly Ripa Returns To 'Live!'
    What would wayward air talent say upon their return to TV if Gerald Ford hadn't given them the go-to cliche in his 1974 inaugural address? "Our long national nightmare is over!" said Kelly Ripa when she returned to "Live!" Tuesday morning after a weeklong absence:
  • Kelly And Michael In Good, Old-Fashioned Talent Drama
    For the better part of a week, the debate has raged: Should ABC brass have kept Kelly Ripa in the loop as they wooed Michael Strahan to move from Ripa's talk show to "Good Morning America"?
  • Hey, Mr. TV Columnist, What's Your Favorite Show?
    I've enjoyed some shows very much -- even awarded them with 4-star reviews -- but I'm almost always unable to conjure them up when someone asks the "favorite show" question.
  • 'Forensic Files' And 'The First 48' Are TV's Hard-Boiled Champions
    Nearly 60% of the programming on HLN, the CNN-owned cable channel formerly known as Headline News, consists of one old show -- "Forensic Files," a real-life crime-and-investigations show that began production in 1996.
  • New 'Late Show' Boss Raises Question: What's Wrong With Colbert?
    CBS made the surprise announcement last week to move Chris Licht, executive producer of "CBS This Morning," to late night, where he will take over as executive producer and showrunner on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
  • In CW's 'Containment,' The Walking Dead Have A Deadly Flu
    Between the zombies and the terminally ill, Georgia certainly has its hands full. There's a "Walking Dead" quality to aspects of this new "limited-event" series called "Containment" that premieres on the CW Tuesday night (April 19).
  • Taut British Thriller 'The Night Manager' Comes To AMC
    In "The Night Manager," a former soldier who has spent his career as a manager in various hotels in exotic locales becomes embroiled in international intrigue and covert arms dealing.
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