• Who You Gonna Call? 'Ghost Brothers' And Their Smartphones
    You'll learn the surprising role that smartphones are playing in this burgeoning area of inquiry if you watch the series premiere of "Ghost Brothers," TV's newest ghost-hunting series premiering Friday night (April 15) on Destination America.
  • World Goes Mad As Adolescent Humor Brands Make TV News
    When these press releases arrived, I was shocked that these brands were still considered valuable enough for two TV companies to make investments in them and/or plan projects around them.
  • NBC Uses Its 'Voice' As Launchpad For New Shows
    It seems as if NBC will not launch a new show these days without giving it a push from "The Voice." The problem is, the strategy doesn't always work.
  • NBC's 'Game Of Silence' Is All Agony, No Ecstasy
    Sometimes it seems as if TV is hellbent on showing us the darkest precincts of our world and then plunging us neck-deep into them. Such is the case with the new NBC series premiering Tuesday night called "Game of Silence."
  • New Terror Threat On Syfy's 'Hunters': Aliens Nursing A Grievance
    How does a science-fiction network get in on TV's appetite for producing shows about the domestic War on Terror? Turn the terrorists into aliens -- and not the foreign kind either.
  • What Did The Good People Of Dallas Do To Deserve This?
    Dallas is the latest community to have its reputation besmirched -- if not obliterated altogether -- by Bravo's latest expansion in its relentless "Real Housewives" franchise.
  • 'American Idol' Paved Way For Competition Shows Of All Kinds
    The final episode of "American Idol" will end with the crowning of the show's 15th champion. Thus the curtain will fall on a show that was once the singular phenomenon of its era.
  • O.J. TV Movie Spoiler Alert: He Was Acquitted
    For those of us who were around in the 1990s and engaged in the world around us, the Simpson story -- especially the televised verdict -- is something we can never forget. The 1995 reading of the verdict represented a singular moment in TV history.
  • Despite Futility, Watchdog Group Presses Campaign To Clean Up Airwaves
    There really is no debate anymore about the appropriateness of TV program content. The barriers on language and sexual content, if not yet broken down completely, are cracking.
  • Eye-Opening TV Tour Of 10 Historic Homes In One Hour
    "10 Homes that Changed America," premiering Tuesday night on PBS, is an eye-opening and very pleasurable tour of 10 homes that influenced and advanced the evolution of home-building and design in America.
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