• New For Fall: All Is Not Lost In NBC's 'La Brea'
    Early in the premiere episode of NBC's new fall disaster thriller "La Brea," one of the characters acknowledges the show's debt to "Lost."
  • PBS Documentary Of Hearst Is Mass Media History Writ Large
    Who among our present-day media titans shall we place alongside the media moguls of yesteryear -- among them, William Randolph Hearst?
  • Flashback To Y2K Enlivens Start of 'Simpsons' Season No. 33
    It is difficult to maintain a level of quality for 33 seasons, but the "Simpsons" creative process is aided by the fact that it is animated.
  • 'Law & Order: SVU,' Sturdiest 'L&O' Of Them All, Returns For Season 23
    Somewhere on some TV channel in the U.S. or abroad right now, an episode of one of the "Law & Order" shows is almost certainly on TV.
  • New For Fall: Race Takes Center Stage In New, Black 'Wonder Years'
    ABC's African-American "Wonder Years" is a nostalgic series like the original, except that the new one tackles the issue of race relations.
  • New For Fall: Will America Embrace Black 'Dynasty' On Fox?
    "Our Kind of People" is a prime-time soap about super-rich African-Americans living in a black enclave on Martha's Vineyard.
  • New For Fall: NBC's 'Ordinary Joe' Is Tearjerker Times Three
    "Ordinary Joe" seems to try extra hard in the very first episode to establish itself as NBC's tear-jerking successor to "This Is Us."
  • New For Fall: Fox Takes 'Big Leap' With Show About A Show
    The new fall Fox series "The Big Leap" is a scripted TV drama about an unscripted reality-competition dance show.
  • Dan's Labyrinth: Symbols Aren't Simple In New 'Lost Symbol' Series
    The series is designed to propel you forward into its labyrinthine story, and hopefully, have you streaming subsequent episodes.
  • Epidemic Of Declining Audiences Hits TV's Awards Shows
    They were once among the most reliable annual shows on TV, but recently, awards shows have taken a beating.
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