• Twitter Profiting From TV With No Content Costs
    This is not a new thesis. Credit would be given, but there is no memory of who promulgated it. So, so-and-so, hopefully will simply appreciate the appreciation here. The thought: how lucky Twitter is to profit from free content. Think about it. Twitter is essentially betting much of its future on serving as a hub for conversation about TV.
  • FTC To Signal Take On Nielsen-Arbitron Merger Next Month
    It won't be long before the media industry gets a sense of the government's stance on the proposed Nielsen-Arbitron merger that promises to have a resounding impact on media measurement. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is expected to signal the direction it's leaning by the end of August, Nielsen CEO David Calhoun made clear Tuesday.
  • Publicis Omnicom Merger Shouldn't Shake Up National TV Rates
    The emergence of Google, Twitter and Facebook is an acknowledged reason behind the proposed Publicis and Omnicom merger. The two agency giants surely want to gain scale in negotiating for access to their data. Or, possibly even blunt any designs the three have on becoming some version of media or even creative agencies.
  • European Court Goes Against World Cup On Pay TV
    Lately, many in Congress have come to view their roles vis--vis the TV business as protecting consumers against service disruptions and escalating bills. So, they'll continue to hold hearings and introduce bills.
  • Fusion Might Benefit From Pew Research
    It's still up in the air how the joint Univision-ABC News venture will manifest itself. Programming announcements and other clues should start to flood in soon as it nears launch later this year.
  • Mobile Viewing Has Implications For Family Unity
    The last decade has brought a pair of revolutions in consumer viewing behavior. The first was widespread adoption of the DVR, ushering in ad-avoidance that disrupted traditional business models. The second is just getting going: the boom in viewing on mobile devices.
  • Summer Proves Fortuitous For TWC In CBS Battle
    Time Warner Cable's timing is fortuitous. If indeed CBS goes off its system in multiple markets Thursday, the blackout would come weeks before meaningful NFL games kick off and the fall TV season begins.
  • Netflix May Give "Arrested Development" Another Go
    The "Arrested Development" comeback looks to be heading towards more development. Netflix said Monday it would be "delighted to produce" another season of the former Fox series that it revived in late May.
  • No Matter How Vitriolic It Gets, Bet On No CBS Blackout
    There's still a significant amount of time before the CBS stations in the country's two largest markets could go off the air in Time Warner Cable (TWC) homes. The bet is a deal will be reached, although maybe just minutes before a would-be blackout next Wednesday.
  • Netflix Breaks Ground With Emmy Success
    When it comes to Netflix recently, investors don't appear to be consistent in the least. When a new "Arrested Development" season was released on the service, the series received muted reviews. Netflix's share price dropped markedly. And the media placed blame on the ho-hum reaction. Maybe investors got spooked that the first wave of viewers would be disappointed and fill social media with all kinds of negative reaction that would hurt the Netflix brand. No question, though, the opposite seems to have taken place over the past month-plus.
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