• Aereo Heading To Supreme Court, If Public Doesn't Rule First
    If it were an issue divided along partisan lines, Aereo's ultimate fate might come down to one man. Not Barry Diller or Leslie Moonves or any of the other high-profile combatants battling over the legality of the online streaming service but Anthony Kennedy.
  • Collective Turns To TV As Business Accelerator
    What is Collective up to? In the ad business, trade campaigns frequently appear on phone kiosks and similar spaces on the streets of New York. But TV? With a rather narrow audience, that would seem to bring a lot of waste. So, a b-to-b spot Collective launched last week seems a curious move. After all, it's a tech company that propels digital advertising.
  • Big Apple Lawyers Go For Yellow Jersey With Le Tour Targeting
    Talk about a crowded peloton. Ads for personal injury lawyers eat up a lot of time on local cable. So, it's impressive when one stands out so much. Give a New York law firm a yellow jersey for ingenuity or maybe just realizing the intuitive.
  • ESPN's Ombudsman Good For Viewers, Good For Business
    It's worth a long pause to appreciate how remarkable it is that ESPN has an ombudsman. The most influential entity in sports doesn't have to justify its decisions or acknowledge its faults. Its audience isn't going anywhere, at least en masse. And yet, it allows an outsider seemingly carte blanche to serve as a viewer/consumer representative and rip away at executives and on-air personalities.
  • Addressable Ad Technology Brings Congressional Privacy Concerns
    Advertisers covet addressable advertising. This canine clich has got to be banished, but it obviously offers the potential to cut down on waste by only reaching dog owners with dog food ads. But only a cynic would say they have no shame in the privacy realm in that and similar pursuits. A few years ago at an industry conference, GroupM chief Irwin Gotlieb effectively said God help us all if we don't adhere to a certain honor code.
  • Rentrak Poised For Strong Political Cycle
    Why wouldn't a Republican consulting firm expand a relationship with a certain measurement company? If the publicity is to be believed, Rentrak proved crucial last year in helping President Obama win the White House - just what the GOP desperately wants to take back in 2016.
  • Buyers Hardly Blown Away By Upfront Presentations, But Don't Expect Retreating
    Advertiser Perceptions, which conducts an array of research about media buying trends, has released its annual study on the impact of upfront and NewFront presentations. Buyers didn't offer much in the way of ringing endorsements for networks and digital media vendors. In fact, no matter how great a presentation is, buyers may make decisions based on price above all other factors. So, why should sellers bother spending the money to host these annual galas? Could a big game of chicken be at play?
  • Universal McCann's Art Thomas Talks Marketing Mix Modeling
    Some might say with so much media research promising improved insight into ROI, the role of marketing mix modeling (MMM) has been overlooked. Recently, though, the trade's complicated work has received some criticism and come under increased attention, largely through a report by an industry group. Art Thomas, who leads the advanced analytics group at Universal McCann, offers thoughts on the current state and future of MMM.
  • Unified Marketing Could Make TV Everywhere Mainstream
    It seems all that's left to make TV Everywhere a viable growth engine for programmers is awareness. Somehow, networks need to make people hyperconscious that instead of checking email repeatedly on a smartphone or going to bed playing "Words With Friends" on a tablet, they can easily tee up an episode of a favorite show.
  • Will 'Arrested Development' Put Netflix Smack In Remake Business?
    If it hasn't happened already thanks to "Arrested Development," Netflix can probably get ready for a flood of emails and letters from people begging it to remake their beloved TV shows. The deluge likely won't come from fans of "ER" or other shows that ran their course, but those feeling their favorites were brilliant and cancelled prematurely.
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