• An Intro -- And Outro -- To 'Noir Alley' And Its Host
    Host Eddie Muller, aka "the czar of noir," makes his intros thoroughly entertaining. If you watch the movies all the way through, you'll also be treated to his outros, providing even more insights for five minutes or so.
  • A 'Glimpse' Into The Future
    "Glimpse" is an anthology series that explores the twists of near-future technology -- but in short-form, free content.
  • Flashing Through The DC Universe
    Could a non-comics fanatic enjoy WarnerMedia's cultish new SVOD service, DC Universe? I decided to find out.
  • The One About A Show That's A Cultural Phenomenon: 'Friends'
    Turn on the TV and you're bound to come upon an episode of millennial favorite "Friends" -- 12 episodes each weekday on TBS alone.
  • Law & Crime Takes Up Court TV's Gavel
    It's murder and mayhem 24/7 at Law & Crime Network, with live coverage of trials lurid and wacky.
  • Two Widely Different Titles Respect The Elderly
    "Together" tells a bittersweet tale of elderly love, while "Liverspots and Astronuts" is goofy sci-fi cartoon.
  • 'The Prosecutor & The Presidency': The News Behind The News
    A new SVOD service offers a 13-hour look into past presidential investigations, from Watergate to Whitewater and beyond.
  • NBCU's Bluprint For Creativity
    I decided to look for a new hobby on Bluprint, NBCU's recently launched SVOD lifestyle service, which offers "guidance for all skill levels."
  • Acorn TV: You Want Accents? We Got Accents!
    Hearing a full range of Brit-related speak is part of the appeal of Acorn TV for at least two viewers.
  • 'Sisters' Redefines Family And The Fallout From Family Secrets
    Imagine your father is a Nobel Prize-winning in-vitro fertilization pioneer. On his deathbed, he confesses he used his sperm to potentially father hundreds of children! Blood pressure rising? Visions of patricide swimming in your head?
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