• New For Fall: Fox Half-Sister Drama Gets It Half Right
    In "Almost Family," three young women around the age of 30 suddenly discover they are half-sisters.
  • TV No Longer Has Mass Appeal, And Neither Do Emmys
    The simple reason why the Emmy ratings are declining is because there is no mass-appeal television anymore.
  • New For Fall: Choir Master Whitford Is Pitch 'Perfect'
    Bradley Whitford delivers the standout comedy performance of the new fall season in "Perfect Harmony" on NBC.
  • In Season Premiere, 'Simpsons' Skewers Social-Media Culture
    "The Simpsons" comes out swinging this season with a brutal takedown of social media influencers, tastemakers and monetizers.
  • New For Fall: Cliches Weigh Down Sparkling 'Stumptown'
    The show is about a swashbuckling single woman named Dex Parios played by Cobie Smulders.
  • New For Fall: CBS Believes In 'Unicorn,' 'Carol's Second Act'
    The stakes are so low in the new CBS comedy called "The Unicorn" that you might even conclude they are nonexistent.
  • New For Fall: Comedy 'Mixed-ish' Is Not Even Funny-ish
    Race relations is emerging as a recurring theme of the new fall TV season.
  • New For Fall: 'Emergence' Has A Great Story Well Told
    Based on the premiere episode, "Emergence" emerges as a very strong new series for ABC.
  • New For Fall: Psychopaths On Parade In 'Evil,' 'Prodigal Son'
    It is apparently not enough for murders to occur one at a time on our blood-splattered drama shows. Now, entire families must fall victim.
  • New For Fall: Court TV Is In Session Mondays On CBS, NBC
    It is reasonable to wonder if TV has reached the point where there is nothing left to say any more about courts and lawyers.
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