• Trump Interview, Speech Add Up To One-Two Presidential Punch
    This year's State of the Union speech will likely be a huge draw, since it contains the best characteristic a reality TV show can have: Conflict.
  • PBS Historian Ensures That It Is Always Sunny In Great Britain
    On her PBS shows, Lucy Worsley possesses an infectious enthusiasm for the periods of history she covers.
  • CBS Tees Up 'World's Best' For Post-Super Bowl Premiere
    CBS will launch a grandiose global talent show following the most grandiose TV broadcast of the year -- the Super Bowl.
  • 'Breslin And Hamill' Documentary Sheds Light On A Lost World
    The old newspaper newsrooms were colorful places, and the star columnists were often larger than life.
  • TNT '60s Series Bites Off More Than It Can Chew
    The first puzzle one confronts in this new TNT limited series called "I Am the Night" is its title.
  • Half Of Conan Is Better Than None
    Conan O'Brien returned to his 11 p.m. time slot on TBS this week missing half of his show.
  • Picking Best Geico Spot Is So Easy A Caveman Could Do It
    Geico's campaign to identify the best of its many memorable commercials is a no-brainer -- it's the Cavemen.
  • Hand-Holding The Candidates: How We Announce Now
    One candidate came across as more mature, while the other came across as someone who was running for President for the fun of it.
  • Rerun Mania On Basic Cable: Is This All You Got?
    Imagine a world in which some networks filled their schedules with mini-marathons of a small handful of shows repeated over and over again.
  • 'Sopranos' On Trial: Anniversary Revives Courtroom Memories
    A trial in Trenton a dozen years ago revealed what it took for David Chase to create and then produce "The Sopranos."
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