• MTV Whacks Staten Island With Loathsome Reality Series
    Those who are complaining about "Made In Staten Island" are correct: It is a new low in television.
  • Syfy's 'Deadly Class' Is Pointless 'Harry Potter' For Teen Killers
    In one of the show's opening sequences, a headmaster disciplines an unruly girl student by suddenly smashing her in the nose with his cane.
  • Network TV's New 'Temptation': Rebooting Old Reality Shows
    Welcome to what could become a new era in reality TV -- revivals of the first wave of reality shows from the early 2000s.
  • Rite Of 'Passage': Why I'm Rooting For Network TV
    Much of "The Passage" on Fox is ludicrous, but the show's odd couple on the run is worth cheering for.
  • 'True Detective' Is Truly Hard-Boiled In Third Season On HBO
    This installment of "True Detective" involves the disappearance of two preteen siblings while they are out riding their bikes.
  • Everybody Looked Bad In Border-Wall Tit For Tat On TV
    For their presentations Tuesday night, the president and his two opponents get F's.
  • Higher Power: TV's Eternal Search For God
    The subject of God presents a challenge to TV networks -- and yet, every couple of seasons, some network tries again to tackle this topic.
  • 'Lohan's Beach Club' Not A Very Nice Place To Visit
    So much is wrong with this new MTV reality series that it is difficult to know where to begin.
  • Goldberg Variation: '80s Sitcom Spins Off Into The '90s
    ABC has the final decades of the 20th century covered with "The Kids Are Alright" ('70s), "The Goldbergs" ('80s), "Schooled" and "Fresh Off the Boat" ('90s).
  • Oh No! Here Come The Golden Globes Again
    This year's Golden Globes arrives Sunday night for three hours, hosted by Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh.
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