• CBS Celeb Renovation Show Is Eerily Similar To HGTV's
    Intellectual property rights are apparently not sacred in the TV business, where the copycatting of shows is something of a tradition.
  • Beatlemania Is Alive And Well In Two Docuseries
    Before the Beatles get back to where they once belonged in a new Disney+ documentary, Hulu will present Paul McCartney.
  • Conan Says Good-Bye In Not-Very-Grand Finale
    Conan O'Brien said good-bye to late-night TV last Thursday and hardly anybody noticed.
  • Reviving Groucho Marx's 'Life' Is Winning 'Bet' For Leno
    The news has trickled out over the last few months: Jay Leno will host a new version of "You Bet Your Life" inspired by the Groucho Marx original.
  • Penny-Pinchers On Parade In TLC's 'So Freakin' Cheap'
    "So Freakin' Cheap" is about the lengths some people will go to save not only a buck or two, but also dimes and pennies.
  • New Disney+ Series Depicts A Fearful World Much Like Our Own
    The most surprising thing about "The Mysterious Benedict Society" is what it says about the society in which the show takes place.
  • 'When Nature Calls With Helen Mirren' Is Year's Ickiest Show Title
    The challenges of naming a TV show are reflected in the title of a new lighthearted summer series premiering Thursday night on ABC.
  • Syfy Missing From TV's Three-Way Summer Shark Frenzy
    If uncertainty surrounds Syfy's future in the summer-shark space, Discovery and NatGeo are swimming full-speed ahead into their own annual shark-a-thons.
  • Parts Of New Quiz Show 'College Bowl' Raise Questions
    NBC must have really wanted to be in business with the Manning brothers to OK the new "College Bowl" premiering next Tuesday.
  • Kardashians In Danger Of Overstaying Their Welcome
    "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" premiered in 2007 and is officially ending now after 14 years.
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