• Are TV Viewers Seeking a Late Night Wolf -- Just More 1990s' Woofing?
    Arsenio Hall is coming back to television -- as a late night syndicated talk show host -- pretty much exactly as you think. A new promo for the show seems somewhat old. Nothing wrong with that. Nostalgia can sell fairly well. In the TV spot, Hall can be found "woofing" it up. Hall even calls himself the 'woof' man.
  • Thought For Food
    There's good news, bad news, and still more bad news for the TV industry in a new reportfrom the Federal Trade Commission revealing how marketers are changing the way they market food to children and teens.
  • The Ghost Of Television Yet To Be Defined
    That holiday metaphor may be overwrought, but it's also incredibly apt, because the days after Christmas have always proved challenging for television audience measurement, because of the impact all those new gizmo and gadgetry gifts have on the way households watch television -- and even how they connect, or increasingly, by pass it.
  • Reality TV Not Only Part Fake But Entirely Unreal -- And a Lure for Real Lawsuits
    Wait, you mean there's an cable TV reality show that is a fake? No, it's worse than that. A contestant is suing over total fake-ness -- that A&E's nearly whole big-rated show "Storage Wars" is fake, complete with A&E producers regularly planting valuable memorabilia in storage units to be uncovered.
  • Newtown, One Week Later: TV News Still Maybe Hearing Some Gun and Other Shots.
    Gun news and killing of U.S. citizens. Yes, it's still an issue-- especially when the reality based gun shows on NBC Sports Network and Discovery get suspended, especially when movie red-carpet openings are scratched, like The Weinstein Company's "Django Unchained" and Paramount's "Jack Reacher," starring Tom Cruise.
  • Media Players On The Leading Edge -- 13 For '13
    The TV business is hard to predict. But here's a shot at who could have a major impact on the industry next year. The "13 for '13."
  • TV Offers Plenty Of 2013 Intrigue
    Surely, there will be a lot of the "do you watch" conversations during holiday gatherings. It's worth marveling at how the dynamic of those has changed in a relatively short period of time.
  • Researchers Surprised Gaming Consoles Offer Significant Video Portal
    ABC researcher Pat Liguori was taken aback recently when she checked out an assisted living facility for a relative and discovered what residents can use for exercise. There was a large flat-screen in place for activity via a Nintendo Wii. It was a sign just how much gaming consoles are spreading. While the Wii doesn't facilitate much streaming video - it offers access to Netflix and Hulu Plus - gaming devices are offering more and more viewing options.
  • Ovation Faces Challenge As Independent
    It's not just the country, but the Ovation network might suffer its own version of a fiscal cliff come Dec. 31. The arts-oriented network said Tuesday that Time Warner Cable (TWC) may drop it if a new carriage deal isn't reached by then.
  • Push Pundits Over Fiscal Cliff
    There is a big difference between fact-based reporting and hype. Just as there is a distinction between political grandstanding and reality.
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