• Silencing Of Trump Produces Strange Peace Across The Land
    Ever since ex-President Trump was muzzled by social-media, our world seems noticeably calmer.
  • Comedy Or Tragedy? Netflix Content Casts Wide Net
    Our Netflix choices last weekend ranged from the comedic musings of Fran Lebowitz to a tragic tale about the class struggle in modern India.
  • Riveting 'Long Song' Represents New Tune For PBS
    A three-part miniseries about slavery in 19th-century Jamaica breathes fresh air into the stale drawing rooms of PBS' "Masterpiece."
  • Larry King Memories Remind Us How Much Cable News Has Changed
    CNN's own celebration of King served as a reminder that the network would never air a show today such as the one he hosted for 25 years.
  • On Syfy, Alien Takes Up Residence In A Tiny Town
    "Resident Alien" is another in a growing number of TV series adapted from comic books. This one is a worthy addition to the canon.
  • All Talk, Very Little Action In Nation Of Yakkers
    Forget about baseball or football -- America's national pastime is talking, either doing it or listening to it.
  • Wing And A Prayer: 'The Rev' Takes Its Place In Front Pew
    The introduction of a new reality series begs the age-old question: Why do some of these kinds of TV shows work and others do not?
  • Whole World Will Be Watching Our Un-Peaceful Transition
    It is hard to consider this year's transition of power as "peaceful" when it will be seen originating from an armed encampment.
  • On HBO, Artist Complains About Bob Ross' 'Happy Little Trees'
    "Bob Ross was wrong," asserts watercolorist John Lurie at the outset of his new show. "Everybody can't paint. It's not true."
  • Press The Snooze Button On CW's Sleep-'Walker'
    Instead of generating excitement in the manner of the old series, the new "Walker" induces drowsiness.
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