• Twenty Years After Her Murder, TV Is Still Exploiting JonBenet
    Rest in peace? Not when you're a famous murder victim, and the crime remains unsolved after 20 years. That's a recipe for TV exploitation.
  • Discovery Miniseries Tells Swashbuckling Story Of Harley-Davidson
    Fortunately for the person or persons who composed the title of this Discovery miniseries, there was just one Harley and at least two Davidsons involved in the creation of this iconic American company.
  • Seven Simple Rules For Writing TV Reviews
    For those who desire to be TV critics, I offer these helpful tips -- the basis for a full-fledged guidebook in the formative stages that I like to call "How I Write TV Reviews (and You Can Too!)".
  • All Trump, All The Time: Watching TV With Hillary Clinton
    How does Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton escape from the daily grind of campaigning? By watching TV, of course -- although the campaign is never far from her thoughts ...
  • Imagine Using A Cute Puppy Just To Attract Attention
    America wants to know: Who will walk the Today Show's new puppy in inclement weather?
  • On Wings Of LeBron, Cleveland Angel Investors Take Up Residence At CNBC
    LeBron James puts in an appearance at the beginning of the premiere episode of "Cleveland Hustles" on CNBC, and then disappears, never to be seen again.
  • 'Golden Guys': NBC Launches Travel Show With Celebrity Codgers
    Not that this should necessarily present a barrier to enjoyment, but much of this new four-week NBC series called "Better Late Than Never" doesn't ring true.
  • Don't Blame Billy Bush For Believing Lochte's Lies
    Of all the NBC Olympics personalities who became involved in the Ryan Lochte Rio robbery tall tale, Billy Bush has emerged as the one who was the most bamboozled.
  • A John McLaughlin Memory That's So Old, It's On VHS
    The first and only time I came face to face with John McLaughlin, I thought he was nuts. But I eventually came to understand that he wasn't really crazy. He was just another TV talk-show host cut from the same cloth as so many others.
  • Innovative Magid Research Finds Most-Valued And Least-Valued TV Shows
    TV ratings will tell you how many people are watching a show, and even their approximate age (within various ranges). But how do viewers really feel about the shows they're watching?
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