• Tough Acts To Follow: Comedy Central Struggles Without Stewart, Colbert
    It's not easy putting on a late-night show. That's what Comedy Central seems to be finding in the post-Stewart and -Colbert era.
  • 'Inspector Lewis' Finale Raises Question About British TV 'Golden Age'
    The idea of a British TV Golden Age comes to mind with the finale airing this coming Sunday of "Inspector Lewis" on PBS.
  • NBC's Olympic Ratings: Down Or Just Moved To Other Platforms?
    Ratings for this summer's Olympics are lower than those of the 2012 London Olympics -- yet according to NBC, the 2016 Olympics will be NBC's "most economically successful Games in history."
  • 'Ray Donovan' Renewal Is Summer Bummer For Ray
    No one has worse summers than Ray Donovan. Bad news for him -- "Ray Donovan" just got the go-ahead for a fifth season -- is good news for the rest of us who are now halfway through our own summer season with "Ray Donovan,"
  • TV Critics Adopt Role Of Diversity Police, Attack CBS
    The diversity police are in town and CBS is Public Enemy No. 1. Fortunately, for those of us in New York, the "town" is Los Angeles, where some of the nation's TV critics have gathered for the annual Summer TV Press Tour put on by the Television Critics Association.
  • Best Way To Enjoy Olympics Is Watch Them In Your Own Way
    Superhumans and their exploits were on view Tuesday night on NBC, and it made for magical, mind-boggling TV. I'm talking, of course, about the U.S. women gymnasts and the men's swimmers, led by Michael Phelps.
  • TV Columnist's Desperate Plea: Will Somebody Please Explain 'Star Trek's' Popularity?
    I never got it when it started, I never got it throughout the 1980s, I never got it when they made the spinoff shows, and I don't get it now. Will somebody please tell me: What exactly is the appeal of "Star Trek"?
  • HBO 'Hitchcock/Truffaut' Documentary Needs More Of Them, Less Of Others
    The title of the HBO documentary "Hitchcock/Truffaut" implies a film version of the famous book of the same name first published in 1966 from the interviews Francois Truffaut conducted with Alfred Hitchcock in 1962.
  • The Greatest Donald Trump Story Ever Told
    For me, one Donald Trump story looms largest, even more than his campaign to rule America -- one that played out over many months involving Bill Maher, an orangutan and Trump's lawyers, a group of people who have probably never known a dull moment since the day they accepted Trump's first check as a retainer.
  • After Ailes, The Show Goes On At Fox News Channel
    Fox News Channel is a well-oiled machine. And its popularity is not likely to wane just because Roger Ailes has left the building
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