• Farewell To 'Downton': We Will Never See The Likes Of This Again
    For five seasons, "Downton Abbey" has been one of the rarest things in the world -- a TV series that is damn near perfect.
  • Tone-Deaf Fox Lets Kanye West Spew F-Words on 'Idol' Premiere
    The season premiere had everything we have come to expect from "American Idol" -- right up until a surprise appearance by Kanye West ruined the entire experience and the show.
  • Farewell To Spock: Remembering The Legends We Lost In 2015
    Somehow, they were bigger then. That's how we remember the stars of TV past who came into our homes before cable and the Internet caused audiences to fragment into little bits and basically blew the TV business all to hell.
  • Nothing Golden About This TV Era: This Year's Worst Shows
    I have nothing against critics coming out in praise of great TV shows, but the blanket labeling of the current TV era as a new "Golden Age" is ludicrous.
  • For A TV Columnist In 2015, Trump Was The Gift That Kept On Giving
    When Trump announced his candidacy, the future looked golden for TV columnists. From his sweeping generalization about the criminal intentions of Mexican immigrants, and the Trump phenomenon just snowballed from there.
  • Mystery of 'X Files' Episode With Same Title As Hitler's Autobiography
    Why is the title of the first episode of the upcoming series reboot the same as Adolf Hitler's autobiography -- one of the most reviled books in human history?
  • First Funnyman: Obama's A Comedian In Chief Getting Coffee
    Any doubts that President Obama aspires to be Comedian in Chief have been dispelled by the announcement that he'll be a guest on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Jerry Seinfeld's Crackle Series, next week.
  • Williams Or Letterman? It's A Toss-Up For TV Story Of The Year
    David Letterman's farewell was sentimental. Brian Williams' flameout was spectacular. So which one was the best TV story of 2015? I'll call it even.
  • Best Show Of The Year? The Republican Debates, Of Course
    The GOP debates were a great example of live-event programming -- riveting, must-see TV that was resistant to DVR'ing and time-shifted viewing: drama, reality show and comedy rolled into one.
  • Coming Next Year, All J. Lo All The Time
    It's rare for a star entertainer to be top-billed on two prime-time TV shows on different networks at the same time -- but Jennifer Lopez is about to achieve it.
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