• Sixty Years Ago, 'Childhood's End' Author Predicted Media We Have Now
    In "Childhood's End," science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke predicted that entertainment choices would "pour" out of multiple channels and the evolution of motion pictures would lead to virtual-reality technology. The Syfy channel recently provided a copy of the book as part of its publicity efforts for the three-part "Childhood's End" miniseries that concludes Wednesday.
  • Remembering A Legend We Lost In 2015: Joe Franklin
    In the coming weeks, the airwaves will be filled with salutes to the notables who died in 2015 -- but for me, one looms largest -- Joe Franklin.
  • This Again? Trump And Others Line Up For Fifth GOP Debate
    Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. It's the Republican presidential campaign, starring Donald Trump with a cast of others.
  • TV's Wildest Goose Chases: 'Finding Bigfoot' And 'Hunting Hitler'
    Let me go out on a limb here and guess that the experts seen in the History Channel series "Hunting Hitler" will never find the proof they seek that Adolf Hitler escaped from Berlin at the end of World War II and found sanctuary in Argentina. By the same token, I don't expect that the protagonists in Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" will ever find Bigfoot.
  • As Year Comes To An End, NBC News Sails In Calmer Waters
    Wasn't this the year that NBC News was supposed to be in turmoil? The Brian Williams scandal seems like it happened so long ago. Now Williams is on MSNBC, and "The NBC Nightly News" that he used to anchor is firmly in first place with Lester Holt.
  • Gun Shopping Network Should Feel Right At Home On Gun-Saturated TV
    When it comes to guns, a home-shopping network devoted to them should feel right at home. TV bristles with guns. Talk about an environment for gun manufacturers and marketers.
  • Dolly Parton's Corn Pone Of Many Colors
    At last spring's upfronts, NBC announced that Dolly Parton would produce a series of holiday-themed movies based on her songs. "Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors" airs Thursday night.
  • What's The Spanish Word For 'Bomb'? NBC's 'Telenovela'
    "Predictable" is not an attractive quality for a TV show. In the context of a TV script, it is synonymous with hackneyed, cliched, been-there-done-that -- all applicable to this new comedy series premiering Monday night on NBC called "Telenovela."
  • Jay's In The Driver's Seat As Letterman Grows 'Darwin' Beard
    Jay Leno just got a promotion -- a second-season order for his CNBC show "Jay Leno's Garage." The new season will begin next spring.
  • Watch Commercials Like Everyone Else? TV Critics Are Exempt From That
    TV critics have long done what everyone else is now doing -- cherry-picking the shows they want to watch and then watching them on their own schedule, minus the commercials, of course.
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