• With Alice Cooper As Herod, 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Cannot Miss
    Network television's commitment to these occasional live musicals is to be commended.
  • Phenomenal 'Roseanne' Is The Talk Of TV This Week
    The two new back-to-back episodes of "Roseanne" that aired from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday on ABC drew 18.2 million viewers.
  • The Influencer Myth: Nobody Has Influence Anymore
    Media personalities today will never know the joys of mass popularity of the kind enjoyed by Imus and his radio peers.
  • America Tunes In For Stormy Interview On '60 Minutes'
    Another media night in America: a high-profile journalist scores a prime-time exclusive with a salacious newsmaker. The inevitable results: high ratings for CBS and robust sales at a local tavern.
  • 'Roseanne' Revival Makes Itself Right At Home On ABC
    With a style and pace that were the standard for '80s and '90s sitcoms, the new/old "Roseanne" takes its place Tuesday on an ABC lineup full of modern-day comedies that at first glance would seem to be worlds away from it.
  • Simple Premise of HBO's 'Barry': Hit Man Goes To Acting School
    Hit man enrolls in acting classes. From this simple description springs Season One of "Barry," which premieres Sunday night on HBO.
  • Fox's Two-Minutes-Per-Hour Ad Plan: The TV Times They Are A-Changin'
    Some ad-supported networks are looking to bridge the gap between ad-supported and ad-free by reducing the number of ads they air: most notably, Fox.
  • All Hail 'American Idol': ABC Revival Saves Television
    The revival of "American Idol" may be the smartest thing ABC has ever done. The show looks and sounds the same, but there is a new panel of three judges.
  • Krypton Is A Planet In Peril In Syfy's Pre-Superman Origin Story
    The central storyline of this new Syfy series is about the planet Krypton several generations before the birth of the planet's most famous emigre, Superman.
  • Attention, Men: Upfronts Have Some Seats In The Back For You
    Upfront season has only just begun, and the empowerment of women has already taken center stage as an upfront theme.
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