• 'Genius Junior' On NBC: Making America Smart Again
    As one contestant says in the premiere episode of "Genius Junior," this quiz program intends to "show that America isn't as dumb as it seems." And irony of ironies, the medium for this demonstration will be network television.
  • Another Day, Another Genius Crime Fighter On CBS
    One or two impressive credentials are never enough for CBS crime fighters. The network's newest tracker of serial killers is a case in point.
  • Meet Your New Boss: Kiddies Phone It In On USA Network
    If you happen to think watching cute kids cavort for a half hour on TV is entertaining, then guess again.
  • Unlawful Taco Consumption On Docket In New ABC Legal Drama
    The photo of a taco-eating miscreant was just about the most action-packed of all of the photos ABC provided for publicity purposes in support of this new lawyer show.
  • Fox's Two-Minutes-Per-Hour Ad Plan: The TV Times They Are A-Changin'
    Some ad-supported networks are looking to bridge the gap between ad-supported and ad-free by reducing the number of ads they air: most notably, Fox.
  • All Hail 'American Idol': ABC Revival Saves Television
    The revival of "American Idol" might be the smartest thing ABC has ever done. While the show looks and sounds the same, there is a new panel of three judges -- Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan -- representing R&B, pop and country, respectively.
  • NBC Sitcom About A Gay Teen Is Eye-Rolling Waste Of Time
    The teen boy who is the show's central character is obnoxious and difficult to like -- which also serves as a description of the show.
  • CW Scores Again With Surprising 'Life Sentence'
    For the second time this year, a new CW series gets a thumbs-up review here.
  • Oscar Post-Mortem: Oldest Star In the Room Outshone Everyone
    The Oscar for Most Classy goes to Eva Marie Saint, who outshone everyone else at the Academy Awards Sunday night.
  • 'Good Girl' Vs. 'Good Doctor': NBC, ABC Both Claim Victory
    Dueling press releases that came out of NBC and ABC last week each declared victory in the shows' first-ever face-off at 10 p.m. Eastern on Monday night.
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