• Secretary Clinton Sees Herself In 'Madam Secretary'
    I guess we all know what Hillary Clinton will be doing Sunday night -- watching the season premiere of "Madam Secretary." She claims she's a huge fan of the CBS series about a female secretary of state.
  • 'Westworld' Boldly Goes Where Man And Movies Have Gone Before
    An ugly premise begets an equally unattractive TV show. While watching the first two episodes of "Westworld," in advance of its premiere this weekend, the word "valueless" occurred to me over and over again.
  • CBS, NBC Dueling Victory Declarations Sow Confusion
    Two networks are claiming victory in Week One of the new fall season. This is confusing to a TV columnist, if not to others. They can't both be right, can they?
  • Pundits Say Hillary Won, But Was Her Victory Decisive?
    The consensus of the post-debate pundits was that Hillary won. But was her victory as decisive as they said it was?
  • Smell That? It's Clinton And Trump Going Nose To Nose
    Deep cultural divisions, hatred for the two candidates and the anticipation of a smash-up are all adding up to one thing: The potential for record-breaking ratings for Monday's first presidential debate.
  • Fun-Loving President Obama Is America's Chowhound In Chief
    There he goes again -- turning up on TV in the kind of show you never saw a president appear in previously. In an effort to liven up the season premiere of his show, Anthony Bourdain invited President Obama to join him for dinner in a Hanoi noodle shop during the president's three-day visit to the Vietnamese capital last May.
  • 'MacGyver'? Really? What's Next? The New Adventures Of ALF?
    Here comes CBS with a new "MacGyver," perhaps banking on the nostalgia of Millennials who seem to take to remakes of TV shows of their childhoods like flies to honey.
  • President Kiefer Sutherland Is ABC's 'Designated' Hitter
    TV loves its presidents so much that it has now elevated Kiefer Sutherland, former terrorist-fighting warrior in "24," to the highest office in the land -- though his character serves reluctantly.
  • 'Bull' Title Is Truth In Labeling; NBC Says Look In The Mirror
    Nothing really binds these two new dramas together thematically except that they both premiere on Tuesday night, the second day of the new fall TV season.
  • The Emmy Effect: We're All Spectators At Somebody Else's Party
    One thing I have never understood: Why do we care so much who wins an Emmy Award (or an Oscar, Grammy or Tony)? Take last night's Emmys, for example.
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