• Bowling For Dollars: Nets Claim Robust Upfront Sales Season
    TV's role as an ad medium is getting a shot in the arm this month -- if the claims about the upfront sales season's robust health are accurate.
  • What's So Funny About Insurance? Don't Ask Me, Ask LiMu The Emu
    Most of the insurance TV commercials are attractive spots, but afterwards, I often cannot remember the company name or the selling message.
  • Many People Claim To Be Storytellers, But The CW Really Is One
    Somehow, for reasons unknown, the smallish ViacomCBS-owned TV network known as The CW has an uncanny knack for storytelling.
  • A Toast To A New Show That Only A TV Executive Could Think Up
    ABC's new "Celebrity Dating Game" is the kind of TV-show idea you think of when you're drunk.
  • Revealed: One Of The Achilles Heels of TV Reviewing
    A new comedy premiering this week on HBO Max underscores one of the key weaknesses inherent in the task of reviewing TV shows for a living.
  • That's Entertainment? People Burning To Death Is Key Feature Of New Show
    Do any of the purveyors and producers of our visual entertainment media understand the concept of "entertainment" anymore?
  • F-Word In The Title Puts Curse On AMC Comedy-Drama
    The off-color titles of her TV shows apparently present no obstacle to actress Annie Murphy of "Schitt's Creek" and now "Kevin Can F**K Himself."
  • What Are We Watching? John Wick, Jason Bourne And Columbo
    In our household, "Columbo," along with the action movies of John Wick and Jason Bourne, have become something of a habit.
  • Caution: When Every Day Is Fryday, Beware Of Health Issues
    A new Netflix food show raises the love of deep-fried foods to a whole new level, and reignites concerns about the way TV promotes unhealthy lifestyles.
  • What's In A Name? The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
    The many challenges of how to name a new company are summed up in Discovery Inc.'s decision to rename itself Warner Bros. Discovery.
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