• Topic 'A' On TV This Week: The Divided States Of America
    Prepare to be bombarded with commentary and analysis about Donald Trump in the run-up to Friday's "peaceful" transfer of presidential power, which last year was anything but peaceful for most of us.
  • Legacy Of A Long War On Terror: The New '24'
    The War on Terror has been with us for so long that even our terror-fighting TV shows are entering a second generation.
  • PBS's 'Victoria' Is Dull TV Series, Great Sleep Aid
    The experience of watching the two-hour premiere of "Victoria" felt about as long as Queen Victoria's 64-year reign, but not nearly as satisfying.
  • 'Newsmaker Gets Mad At News Organization' Is Dog-Bites-Man Story
    It's a phenomenon that journalists know all too well -- the newsmaker objecting to something you wrote and then, as punishment, putting up obstacles to future engagement.
  • Media 'Splintering' Threatens Our Democracy, Says Obama In Farewell Speech
    The "splintering" of media has resulted in Americans "sorting" themselves into small groups, "retreating" into their own "bubbles" and thereby closing their minds to the opinions of others.
  • 'Taboo' On FX Is First Great Show Of The New Year
    "Taboo," the first great new TV show of 2017, is not to be confused with the show of the same title that aired starting in 2002 on National Geographic channel.
  • Speeches About Trump Dominate Golden Globes In La La Land
    On Monday morning, the headlines on the Golden Globes stories were either about the night's big winner -- the movie musical "La La Land" -- or the remarks by Meryl Streep and Hugh Laurie about Donald Trump.
  • HBO Carrie Fisher-Debbie Reynolds Doc Is This Weekend's Must-See Show
    HBO's Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds documentary premiering this weekend is nothing if not timely. HBO bumped up the premiere date in the wake of their deaths one day apart late last month.
  • Man In The Middle: Tucker Carlson Is Safe Choice For Fox News
    The only surprise in Fox's decision to move Carlson's show is how quickly the slot was filled, against some expectations that it would be anchored by a woman.
  • Educated Guesswork: Piecing Together The Details Of Megyn Kelly's NBC Deal
    Megyn Kelly's apparent plan to build a work schedule for herself that allows her to spend more time with her children might be wishful thinking on her part. Except for the possibility of more daytime hours than evenings, she looks to be joining NBC with a very full plate.
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