• In Spectrum Spot, Kids Have No Idea What A TV Is
    The commercial's message is clear: Kids do not watch video on the device known as a TV. Whether they are using the mobile devices they know best to watch actual TV shows is an open question.
  • P.R. Genius Kim Jong-un Hijacks Olympics
    Kim Jong-un's little sis (or whoever she is) has come to PyeongChang, heading up an apparent entourage of North Koreans, including athletes, a cheerleading squad and presumably, various officials and chaperones.
  • Desperate Rivals Can't Compete Against NBC Olympics
    ABC's new show "The Bachelor Winter Games" is proof that NBC's competitors have no idea what to do with themselves when faced with two weeks of the Olympics.
  • HGTV And The Barn Door-ization Of America
    It is a tribute to the influence of HGTV and its home-renovation shows that ugly barn doors inside of homes have now become acceptable.
  • Anti-Trump Late-Night Hosts Go Against Comedy Tradition
    An op-ed in Wednesday's "Wall Street Journal" suggested that late-night hosts are shooting themselves in the foot by bashing Trump every night, undermining the shows and their hosts.
  • Martin Has Left The Building: Remembering John Mahoney
    Mahoney was a big reason why a discussion of the great casts of TV history must include "Frasier." The ensemble on that show was pure magic.
  • Super Bowl Game Was Great, Commercials Were Not
    The ads were by turns tasteless, overblown and insignificant -- so much so that it might seem the era of big, expensive commercials made especially for the big game is over.
  • No Surprise: Trump's A Looney 'Toon In New Colbert Series
    Colbert is such a true believer in the power of Trump-based comedy that he has now produced an animated anti-Trump series that CBS-owned Showtime has generously agreed to air.
  • TV News Gets Springer-ized As 'Fire And Fury' Erupts On 'Morning Joe'
    Mika Brzezinski declared her show "Morning Joe" to be a No-BS Zone Thursday morning and then promptly dismissed "Fire and Fury" author Michael Wolff from the show.
  • Sitcom Teacher Behaving Badly: So What Else Is New?
    A new sitcom titled "AP Bio" beats a well-worn path onto NBC Thursday night. The premise is that the teacher of this biology class does not want to teach it.
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