• Thank You, Networks, For Tallying Your Emmy Nominations So I Don't Have To
    Within a few hours of the Emmy nomination announcements every year in mid-July, the press releases from the networks flood a journalist's inbox. Who's keeping score? Everybody.
  • As Conventions Near, Late-Night Gets Serious About Politics
    This year, more than any other, the late-night shows are poised to squeeze the upcoming political conventions for every laugh they can get.
  • Characters Have Many Vices, No Principles In HBO's 'Vice Principals'
    What's the difference between HBO's new comedy series "Vice Principals" and the other schoolhouse comedies seen elsewhere on TV lately? Well, it really comes down to the f-word -- and a whole host of other naughty words and phrases I'd rather not assault you with here.
  • Obnoxious 'White House' Doc Reveals How First Families Live Like Royalty
    A new documentary about the White House, premiering on PBS, seems to assume that we're all thrilled to learn how the First Family is made to feel comfortable in their palatial home by an army of servants.
  • No Easy Answers As 'Mr. Robot' Returns For Season Two
    The thing on the wall in the photo at left is a dial phone, and its primitive analog technology represents a bygone era that is incompatible with life in the digital age. Or is it?
  • And The Beat Goes On: Mayhem In The Streets Revives Baby Boomer Memories
    Baby Boomers who grew up in the 1960s are experiencing feelings of deja vu when watching the mayhem that unfolded Thursday night in Dallas. To us, it all seems so familiar.
  • Thanks To Carlson, Entire World Can Read Her Lawsuit Against Ailes
    Gretchen Carlson is not kidding around. She posted the full text of her sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News honcho Roger Ailes on her Web site for all to see and read.
  • Couch Potato-In-Chief: Grazing Around The Dial With Donald Trump
    Inside the mind of Donald Trump, remote control in hand, as he watches TV: ... I know I must be on here somewhere ... click ...
  • Complaints About PBS Rainy Night Fireworks Footage Are All Wet
    When PBS inserts some fireworks footage from a year ago into its annual Fourth of July telecast, the Twitter scolds scream bloody murder.
  • Danger, Danger! Stop 'Rebooting' Our TV Heritage
    Elevating our old TV shows to something akin to "landmark" status might seem extreme, but the news that Netflix plans to "reboot" "Lost in Space" has me thinking extreme measures might be necessary.
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