• Mysteries Of Fox-NBC 'Last Man'/'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Swap
    The two prime-time comedies got picked up by new networks -- NBC and Fox -- on the eve of the networks' upfronts this week.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Inside NBCU's Upfront At Radio City
    NBC Universal's upfront was bracketed at the beginning and end by NBC Uni CEO Steve Burke and Linda Yaccarino, NBC Uni chairman of advertising and client partnerships.
  • TV Content: Disposable, Temporary And Eventually Cancelled
    TV shows are like subways -- if you miss one, there will always be another one right behind it.
  • FX, HBO In Publishing Partnerships
    FX announced a partnership with "The New York Times," while HBO's deal is with "The Atlantic."
  • With Muslim Neighbor Episode, Roseanne Does It Again
    This week on her ABC sitcom, Roseanne took on yet another touchy subject and sank her teeth into it for all it was worth.
  • Network Upfront Week: Selling TV The Old-Fashioned Way
    The upfronts represent salesmanship at its most basic -- and it is done by humans, not robots.
  • Message To Stormy, Her Lawyer, Trump, Everybody Else: Leave Us Alone
    Don't you wish they would all just go away and leave us in peace? Let's start with Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti -- especially him.
  • The 'Westworld' Mystique: Violence In A High-Tech World
    This show is nothing if not timely, since it is about technology run amok and the unintended consequences that can arise.
  • Bon Appetit? Not On TV's Gluttonous Food Shows
    On TV, food "enjoyment" ranges from gluttony to blood sport. Is this any way to appreciate the bounty and variety in foods that we Americans are so lucky to have?
  • 'DWTS' Is A Dud With Athletes Who Can't Dance
    "Dancing With the Stars" unveiled its new all-athletes edition this week and received a tepid response.
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