• Opening Scene Throws Wet Blanket On Showtime's 'Billions'
    I was turned off from the get-go by the opening image in Showtime's 'Billions' of actor Paul Giamatti seen from above lying on the floor on his back trussed up with rope and gagged at at the mouth.
  • USA Network's 'Colony' Asks: What If America Was Living Under A Dictatorship?
    USA Network's new series "Colony" paints a dark picture of life in these United States under some sort of military dictatorship.
  • Obama Gave A Good Speech, But State Of The Union Was Dull TV
    Like him or not, the man gives a good speech. President Obama's last State of the Union speech sounded well-written, and he delivered it in the usual confident way he has with a speech.
  • 'Second Chance'? Not A Chance
    "Ridiculous" is the word that comes to mind when watching "Second Chance," a new Fox drama premiering Wednesday night in which a dead man is brought back to life.
  • Yahoo's Broken Promises: Shows Announced Last Spring Never Happened
    Doesn't the ad industry ever get weary of the BS they hear at the Upfronts and NewFronts? It's true that most of the TV networks and Web sites make their announcements of new shows with all good intentions -- even Yahoo.
  • Urkelmania! How '90s Nostalgia Could Elect Hillary
    At its heart, TV's current romance with the 1990s is all about the target audience -- in this case Millennials in their 30s who were born in 1980 or thereabouts and reached adulthood by the end of the '90s.
  • Stop Or She'll Shoot! J. Lo Hits The Streets In NBC Cop Show
    How do you turn glamourpuss Jennifer Lopez into a credible New York City police detective? You tease out her hair, put her in street clothes and minimize her makeup. The rest is up to her and her acting skills. It turns out she's up to the challenge.
  • Guardian Angel In New CBS Sitcom Is More Like An Alcoholic Stalker
    "Angel From Hell," a comedy series about a guardian angel who insinuates herself into the life of a stressed-out young woman, sounds like a concept someone might have dreamed up in the 1960s, in the era of "Bewitched" or "I Dream of Jeannie."
  • No Longer A Phenomenon, 'American Idol' Heads Toward The Finish Line
    What is there left to say about "American Idol"? Predictably, you're seeing columns this week about the show's significance in the pantheon of TV history. The occasion for this outpouring of affection is the premiere this week of the show's 15th and final season.
  • 'American Crime' Is Serious Television, But Is That What You Want?
    "American Crime" exposes hypocrisy, asks hard questions and puts society on trial, digging deep to reveal the gulf between how people portray themselves publicly and what they do in secret.
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