• New PBS Series Puts Rock Photography In Focus
    "Icon: Music Through the Lens" highlights a subject tailor-made for the visual medium of television.
  • Big Companies With Multiple Platforms Rack Up Emmy Noms
    Victory this year goes to the companies that boast the most Emmy-nominated platforms. Walt Disney Co. led, followed by WarnerMedia and Netflix.
  • AccuWeather Founder On 'Times' Fox Weather Story: What About Us?
    A New York Times story published last week about a new round of competition in weather reporting omitted mention of AccuWeather.
  • Peacock's 'Dr. Death' Is Much Worse Than Kevorkian
    Based on a real-life surgeon who earned a reputation for gross malpractice, the show features hard-to-watch operating scenes.
  • Dreary Drama About Child's Murder Is Wrong For Summer
    We have been down this same dreary road too many times to count. Latest example is called "The Beast Must Die," premiering on AMC July 12.
  • On Hulu, McCartney And His Music, In Black And White
    One gets the feeling that the stories Paul tells have been told many times before.
  • CW Imports A Deadpan Comedy About The Undead
    A new summer comedy series comes to The CW this weekend all the way from New Zealand with top talent attached.
  • 'Animal Kingdom's' Sons Of Anarchy Carry On Without Mom
    "Animal Kingdom" is returning this weekend for a new season on TNT without its star after an absence of almost two years.
  • New 'Gossip Girl' Manages To Insult Everyone In Sight
    The makers of the new "Gossip Girl" series have achieved the impossible -- they have actually made a show that is worse than the original.
  • On The Fourth, U.S.A. Is Still 'Paradise' For Some
    What unites Americans? Generally speaking, the Fourth of July does. And so do hamburgers.
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