• Madoff Face-Off: De Niro, Dreyfuss Are TV's Dueling Bernies
    If Bernie Madoff has television privileges in prison, then he's going to get an eyeful next year. That's when he'll get to see two Oscar-winning actors playing him in separate made-for-TV productions about his life -- if his TV privileges at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina include HBO. Butner is where Madoff, 77, is serving a 150-year sentence for engineering the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.
  • Bullied By O'Reilly, George Will Has The Last Word
    Although Bill O'Reilly's fans may have seen it differently, he came across like a colossal jerk in his confrontation last Friday with George Will on "The O'Reilly Factor."
  • Trial Lawyers Obsessed With Influence Of TV Court Shows On Jurors
    Lawyers apparently think prospective jurors are overly influenced by television court shows. The evidence is anecdotal, stemming from my experiences this week as a prospective juror in lower Manhattan.
  • Random Thoughts You Might Have While Watching 'Donny!'
    If your mind starts to wander while watching Donny Deutsch's new USA Network sitcom "Donny!," don't worry because that's inevitable when you're watching this show.
  • Trump On 'SNL': As He Might Say, It Was A Total Disaster
    How stupid can you get? When it comes to Donald Trump's appearance as guest-host this past weekend on "Saturday Night Live," the answer is off the charts.
  • Advice To Publicists: Avoid Comedic Press Releases
    In public relations as in journalism, April Fools' jokes should be avoided at all cost. Strictly speaking, the writers of press releases should follow the same rule.
  • TV's Happy Place: Never-Ending 'Wheel' Goes 'Round And 'Round
    At first glance, "Wheel of Fortune" might seem like a relic from some bygone era. Now in its 32nd year in national syndication, "Wheel" was the second-highest rated syndicated show in U.S. television in the most recent ratings report.
  • With 'Star Trek' Gamble, CBS Explores Bold New Paywall Plan
    CBS just announced that another "Star Trek" TV series will turn up in 2017 -- and it will be "boldly going" behind a paywall.
  • Latino Protests Can't Stop Trump On 'SNL'
    With this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" just days away, it seems the recent protests over Trump's scheduled appearance as the show's guest host have come to naught.
  • Web Site Provides Protest Platform To Petty Petitioners
    Suddenly, indignant petitioners are campaigning against two TV personalities whose comments offended them. The medium for these petition-protests is a Web site called Change.org that seems to have emerged as an international landing page for anyone nursing a grievance.
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