• Who Got Emmy Nominations? Everybody, It Seemed Like
    The Emmys are beginning to seem like a kids' sports event where trophies are given out just for participating. Not to denigrate the great work being done all over the place these days in the arena of small-screen content, but some of the sheer numbers of nominations announced last week for individual shows and networks are staggering.
  • In Pantheon Of Current TV Shows, 'Game of Thrones' Reigns Supreme
    Is "Game of Thrones" the last great television show? Maybe. At any rate, it's the one that comes up again and again when people talk about what they're watching now, or look forward to watching soon.
  • If It Weren't For Newspapers, What Would TV News Channels Talk About?
    Even as the business of print media suffers in the digital age, newspapers still set the agenda for television -- as this week's Donald Trump Jr. story clearly demonstrates.
  • Nothing To Feel 'Sorry' About With TruTV's Funny New Sitcom
    The news this week that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is returning for a ninth season this fall serves as a reminder of what this comedy series spawned in the years since it premiered way back in 2000. One of its descendants is premiering this week, as a matter of fact: a new comedy series called "I'm Sorry" on TruTV.
  • Killer Asteroid On The Way? CBS Geniuses Have That Covered
    When I watch shows with tech geniuses, the science often goes over my head. However, ignorance of the physics involved in deterring a killer asteroid does not prove to be an obstacle to enjoying CBS' new summer series "Salvation."
  • TNT's 'Will' Imagines Young Shakespeare In Punk-Rock London
    Shakespeare devotees should not expect to learn anything about the bard's young adult life in the new TNT drama series premiering Monday night. The show is pure fantasy.
  • Home Shopping On TV Takes Surprise Turn With HSN, QVC Merger
    There is apparently enough perceived value in the TV home shopping business for long-time rivals QVC and HSN to agree to a merger worth an estimated $2.1 billion.
  • CNN Tackles Security Problem In Wake Of Trump Attack Video
    It's the NFL-ization of TV journalism. Or maybe it's the pro-wrestlization of TV journalism. All are welcome to take their pick. We report, you decide.
  • Trump Positions Presidency On Same Level As TV Wrestling
    With the release of a video of himself "tackling" CNN at a World Wrestling event, Trump melded current presidential politics with pro-, faux-wrestling, and rendered them one and the same.
  • FX Drama About Rise Of Crack Starts Out Slow, Gains Momentum
    FX's newest R-rated drama series "Snowfall" has all the earmarks of an FX show -- violence, f-words, sex and nudity.
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