• Message To The Apu Vigilantes: He's A Cartoon, Get Over It
    The energy some have expended lately to air objections about the portrayal of Apu on "The Simpsons" represents a great deal of energy wasted.
  • The Story Of Elvis Never Gets Old
    While the story of Presley's astonishing life and career has been told many times, it is a saga that endures.
  • Discovery's Upfront Message: We're Bullish On Unscripted TV
    A crowd of unscripted reality TV stars assembled on one stage was a good way for Discovery Networks to reintroduce itself to the New York advertising community.
  • Relive Your Schoolyard Years With Hannity-Kimmel Feud
    In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity have been exchanging taunts of the kind you might not have heard since you were in fifth grade.
  • Sandberg On TV: Facebook COO Came Across Like An Angry Robot
    The tactics Sandberg adopted in two TV interviews made her come across as stilted, rehearsed and anything but sincere.
  • Who Knew? Extraordinary Andre The Giant Documentary Reveals All
    This in-depth biography is also a documentary, a pop culture tale, a TV time capsule, and the story of a star's rise, fall, redemption and legacy.
  • News Media Were Different In 1968, But Strife Remains The Same
    Those of us of a certain age are taking in the remembrances this week of Martin Luther King Jr. and having difficulty comprehending that 50 years have gone by.
  • Boycott Threats, Free Speech And Laura Ingraham
    Not to excuse Ingraham's tweet blunder, but at the same time, it is worth pointing out that we are living in a vigilante culture in which self-appointed watchdogs are judging everyone.
  • Overlooked Feature Of New 'Roseanne': How It Depicts Older People
    Roseanne and Dan's point of view reflects that of a broad swath of Americans about their age who are similarly perplexed by what is going on in our society today.
  • Bochco Was A Disrupter Before The Term Was Coined
    Steven Bochco was not the most prolific of TV's star producers, but he was one of the few whose name everybody knew.
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