• A TV 'Talking Head' In The U.N.? Heaven Forbid!
    Naysayers are criticizing Trump's choice of former TV journalist Heather Nauert to be U.S. ambassador to the U.N.
  • Wanted: Squeaky Clean Inoffensive Person To Host Oscars
    Kevin Hart's appointment as Oscar host lasted all of two days earlier this month.
  • End Of An Era As CBS Sells Television City In Hollywood
    The headline on the "Los Angeles Times" story about the sale was: "For CBS Corp., the price was right."
  • Live Long And Prosper: Network Shows Are Sticking Around
    The longer these shows run, the more the networks will hesitate to do away with them.
  • Unreality TV: The Death Of A President
    The way our divisive media and political classes suddenly come together in harmony when a president dies can feel unseemly.
  • Hang In With HBO's 'Momentum Generation' Until It Takes Off
    "Momentum Generation" starts off with backstories about folks you don't care about yet. Yawn! So start watching 15 minutes into the show.
  • Chopso Champions Asian-American Indie Productions
    Chopso will become its own little festival Friday with the world premieres of two Asian-American films in a free L.A. theatrical screening as well as on its streaming service.
  • Hulu's Latest Original Veers Off In Two Directions
    "The Bisexual" offers a new twist on a tried-and-true formula: a single female seeking romance after a breakup.
  • 'Scrubs' Fans Get A Reunion, But Reboot Is Less Likely
    The medical dramedy's main cast and showrunner reunited for the first time ever at the recent Vulture Festival in Los Angeles.
  • Do VOA, GoUSA Show The World How Great We Are?
    Exploring two officially sanctioned international video services for the U.S.: VOA and GoUSA
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