• Respect: On YouTube, Aretha's Greatness Can Be Seen By All
    At such times as the death of a beloved superstar, YouTube earns its keep.
  • J.D. Power Names 'Kimmel' Show 'Most Reliable Midsize Late-Night Show'
    It was a first for a TV show and for the 50-year-old research company whose specialty is "measuring customer experience."
  • 'Sharknado' Shark Fighters Save The World, And Summer TV Too
    All of the principal stars are back, and they are joined as usual by a bevy of surprise guests in offbeat roles.
  • Who's More Unhinged: Omarosa Or President Trump?
    Where Omarosa is concerned, a less credible witness and interpreter of President Trump's statements and actions would be difficult to find.
  • Often Reviled As Symbol Of Society's Decay, Kardashians Thrive
    Almost since the beginning, many have regarded the Kardashian phenomenon as the bane of civilization.
  • Roseanne Vs. Moonves: Which Will Be The Year's Top TV Story?
    This summer's Les Moonves sex harassment story at CBS could nudge the Roseanne story out of the top spot.
  • Moonves In The News: How CBS Is Telling Its Own Story
    To its credit, CBS News has not shied away from reporting on its own top executives who stand accused of sexual harassment.
  • This Summer's 800-Pound Gorilla In The Room: Les Moonves
    At the networks' annual summer promotional press tour in L.A., CBS execs are being sharply questioned about their boss.
  • 'Gilligan' Was More Realistic Than 'Castaways' Reality Show
    There is no way that a so-called reality show called "Castaways" is going to evade comparisons and references to "Gilligan's Island" in this review.
  • The Best New Show Of 2018 So Far: AMC's 'Lodge 49'
    "Lodge 49" has a literary quality that is rare for television.
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