• ANA Pushes For True Commercial Ratings
    The Association of National Advertisers is continuing its 4-year-old push to bring true commercial ratings -- or "brand-specific" ad measurement -- to the market. For Nielsen's part, the measurement company isn't so certain a launch of the sweet-spot "brand-specific" ratings is imminent -- or wise.
  • Current TV Ready To Juice Lineup
    Current TV revamps its lineup, starting with Keith Olbermann. But while Olbermann may bring loyal viewers from MSNBC and offer a face to stop channel surfers, Current still has another 163 hours in a week to program. On Wednesday, the network, which is in about 60 million homes, offered more about how it hopes to juice the lineup.
  • AT&T, Verizon Battle As Broadcast Draws Cord-Cutters
    The cord-cutters who ultimately become happy with their decision need three things: an intimate knowledge of where to find free content on the Web; a Netflix subscription; and rabbit ears for TV service that grabs the major networks for free over-the-air.
  • Super Bowl Ad Recap
    Bud Light and Doritos seemingly knew they had some winners in their back pockets, and didn't want to throw long too early, so they went for screen passes. The first spot of the game came from Bud Light, with an annoyingly enthusiastic host of a home improvement show revealing a remodeled kitchen. The upgrade: just a tub of Bud Light on the counter. To the degree, it was a spoof of the unbridled excitement shown by "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's" Ty Pennington - or HGTV -- it was mildly entertaining. Worthy of the first spot in the Super Bowl? Nah.
  • NFL, Players Union: Fight Behind Closed Doors
    After the NFL touts record Super Bowl viewership, the league and its players' union would be wise to minimize tune-in as their labor dispute escalates. If the two sides continue with an increasingly contentious stand-off that threatens to cancel part of next season, they should avoid all temptation to negotiate publicly.
  • Tony Ponturo Reflects On AB's Super Bowl History
    Tony Ponturo, former head of media buying for Anheuser-Busch, spent 26 Super Bowls ironing out any glitches with ad coverage. Last year, for the first time since Joe Montana won his first title, he got to experience a Super Bowl party at home.
  • GoDaddy Wants Super Bowl Acceptance
    Who would have thought Bob Parsons might actually have a strategy behind a Super Bowl ad that involves more than shock value and titillation? That's not to say he's abandoned the lasciviousness altogether -- that's not "Reject Me" Robert's way. But he's got something new to sell and he's making an effort to do it.
  • TV Leaders, Bleeders For February
    It's February and the snow might not stop in the Northeast and Midwest until the Masters tees off. Any Comcast executives relocating from Philly to L.A. picked a good time. Still, it's time to dig out some Leaders and Bleeders for the month ahead.
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