• Hulu Mars Series Brings Sean Penn To Television
    The series is called "The First," and it deals with the first manned mission to the red planet -- a fictional mission, to be sure.
  • 50 Years Since Its Premiere, Remembering 'Julia'
    The introduction of a TV series centered around a strong African-American female character was revolutionary in 1968.
  • Eye On CBS: Without Moonves, The Future Is In Flux
    CBS today is primarily in the broadcast television business -- operating a network, owning stations and selling syndicated shows.
  • Another One Bites The Dust: Moonves, King Of TV, Is Dethroned
    The ouster of Leslie Moonves from CBS was never in doubt. It was a question of "when," not "if."
  • The Most 'Unknown' Part Of All: What Happened To Bourdain?
    Last week, CNN began promoting the upcoming final season of "Parts Unknown," set to get underway later this month.
  • On Showtime, Jim Carrey As Fictional Mister Rogers
    A new series called "Kidding" has Carrey playing a kiddie-show host whose private life is unraveling.
  • New For Fall: Fox's 'Rel' Is TV's New George Costanza
    Like Costanza, the Rel character has all sorts of quirks, such as his aversions to pastrami and women in loose boots.
  • Savannah Station's Weather 'Warning': It's Sunny Outside
    One of the joys of U.S. travel is the opportunity that a trip provides for sampling local TV media.
  • The Gang's All Here: Cycle Psychos Ride Again On FX
    The best way to regard FX's new motorcycle gang drama is to not take it too seriously.
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