• Surprise Of The Week: Transgender Controversy On 'Survivor'
    When a controversy erupted this week on Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor" over the outing of a transgender contestant, millions asked the same question: Is that show still on? It turns out the answer is yes. "Survivor" is still here - a relic that's so old it premiered during the Clinton administration. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Another List Of Powerful Media People -- And I'm Not On It
    Everywhere I looked, I wasn't there. This has happened time and time again for years, every time someone publishes a list of the most powerful people in media. The latest was this new one published early Thursday morning by The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Fox Should Fight Its Own Battle With Spectrum And Leave Us Out Of It
    Fox wants your help in its fight against Spectrum. Should you give it to them? Answer: No.
  • An Entire Show Dedicated To Lampooning Trump
    A new show coming to Comedy Central this month whose sole purpose is to skewer President Trump every week continues a long tradition in presidential satire.
  • Advice For Fox News: Ease O'Reilly Out Already
    Sometimes, the time is right to just end it. That -- as much as these advertiser defections and accusations of sexual harassment -- is a big reason why Fox News Channel should be planning for a post-Bill O'Reilly future.
  • Anatomy Of A Masterpiece: The Making Of 'Pet Sounds'
    If the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" album was such a masterpiece, why did they end up being depicted on its cover cavorting with a bunch of goats?
  • The Face Of Resistance Is A Kardashian? Who Knew?
    The biggest problem with the Pepsi protest ad was its choice of "star," Kendall Jenner. Among other gross impressions, the "spot" positioned this pouty-faced Kardashian as the face of resistance in America.
  • Message To FX Marketers: Your 'Archer' Promos Did The Trick
    In "Archer: Dreamland," Archer is transformed into a 1940s private eye in L.A. In this new season, the 1940s detective storyline is taking place in his head.
  • 'Prison Break' Returns As Fox Resurrects Shows From Early '00s
    The new "Prison Break" is being billed by Fox as an "event" series, which means it intends to tell its new story over the course of this season.
  • For A Spectrum Cable Customer, Company's 'New Day' Is Elusive
    In New York, ads for Spectrum cable have become a ubiquitous part of the local TV experience. They seem to be aimed at building image- and brand-awareness for this new cable/Internet/phone company that was formed last year from the merger of Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and Bright House Networks.
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