• Why Anderson Cooper's Ban On Orlando Killer's Name Is Wrong
    Anderson Cooper announced on CNN on Monday that from that moment on, he plans never to say the Orlando shooter's name or show his photo on the air.
  • Late-Night Comics Respond To Orlando Attacks
    The reactions of late-night comedians to the Orlando attack reflected the difficulty in finding the right tone for shows that occasionally find their comedic mission derailed following a tragedy.
  • Candy Was Dandy, But ABC's New 'Uncle Buck' Is Just Creepy
    Occasionally, a new TV show comes along to remind you that the summer TV season has been, and can still be, a place for TV networks to burn off shows they have lying around on a shelf somewhere.
  • No Butts About It: TNT Goes Edgy With 'Animal Kingdom'
    Meet the next-door neighbors from hell -- the Cody family of this new TNT drama series called "Animal Kingdom."
  • Eyes Roll As Bearded Dave, Car Nut Jay Return To TV In Same Week
    David Letterman and Jay Leno are reemerging next week to return to the tube -- Letterman for a rare interview and Leno for the second season of his CNBC series "Jay Leno's Garage."
  • Broadway's Big Night: Handicapping The Tony Awards
    Two things favor the Tony Awards this year, at least in theory: A red-hot musical with multiple nominations and no competition from the NBA Finals.
  • 'BrainDead' On CBS: 'Comic Thriller' Lacks Laughs, Thrills
    CBS is billing its new political series "BrainDead" as a "comic thriller" -- but the first two episodes are neither comic nor thrilling.
  • Two New Sitcoms Demonstrate How Basic Cable Does Comedy Differently
    These two new comedies indicate that most of the new ideas and fresh approaches to TV comedy are being undertaken on cable lately.
  • In Bygone Era Of Big Media Stars, Ali Was The Greatest
    When a person became a media star back then, you truly felt his or her presence. Such was the case with Ali, who was omnipresent throughout the 1960s and '70s.
  • Nothing Is Sacred As 'UnREAL' Returns For Its Second Season
    "UnREAL," an over-the-top scripted satire of an unscripted reality TV show inspired by real shows, is a deadly serious but exaggerated take on the way some TV shows are made.
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