• Is New 'Twin Peaks' A Stinker? Showtime Won't Let Critics See It
    In a very conspicuous break with tradition, Showtime is keeping the lid on "Twin Peaks" by providing no advance screening opportunities for critics. Mystery surrounds this decision.
  • Scenery-Chewing Canine Steals Show In 'Downward Dog' On ABC
    ABC has a comedy series premiering this week about a talking dog -- and the dog is the star of the show.
  • We Support Steve Harvey In Absurd 'Memo-gate' Scandal
    Steve Harvey is a very busy man -- a performer begging for consideration who has taken a direct approach in this interoffice communique to ensure that he is understood.
  • Lotsa Showmanship And Lotsa BS: It's Upfront Week In The TV Biz
    The current season of upfront presentations in New York has been underway since March 2. The upfronts reach their apogee next week with eight presentations staged in four days.
  • 'American Idol' And The Golden Age Of Reality Television
    "American Idol" comes from an era in which reality tv was still new and the networks -- particularly Fox in those days -- were in a decidedly experimental state of mind.
  • Sinclair-Tribune Deal Is Huge Bet On Future Of Broadcasting
    Much of this Sinclair deal looks good on paper -- but only if one believes deeply that the local TV business will still exist, or at the very least, be recognizable in a future that is not too far away.
  • 'Fargo' Traffics In Anti-Semitic Imagery
    With the new third season of "Fargo," the series is suddenly trafficking inexplicably in anti-Semitic caricature. As a viewer, these stereotypes are jarring and shocking.
  • Fox News Sexism Scandal Just Won't Go Away
    The challenge for Fox News Channel is this: Convincing the world that sexual-harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace there, and that its female on-air personalities are just as prized as its male stars.
  • Bully Pulpit: Colbert Demeaned Himself With Gutter Attack On Trump
    Getting down in a gutter to make a point about how he feels about the President of the United States was not a shrewd strategy.
  • Megyn Kelly Holds The Cards As She Begins Takeover Of NBC News
    The careful stage-managing of the Megyn Kelly era at NBC is now underway. The real challenge for NBC News: Turning Kelly into a real newsperson.
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