• Sundance TV's Jonestown Doc: Cautionary Tale For Our Times
    Check out "Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle" for an ambitious, powerful -- and surprisingly timely -- look at the massacre.
  • CuriosityStream's Toyota Theater Features Free Anti-Car Documentaries
    This is branded entertainment with an anti-car slant -- so how is Toyota Theater supposed to help sell more Camrys and Priuses right now?
  • Talking 'Talk Stoop,' Step By Step By Step
    If you live in a market with an NBC-owned station, have been in a New York City taxicab, or turned on USA Network in the daytime, you've likely seen "Talk Stoop."
  • PBS' 'The Cleaners' Uncovers Secret World Of Social Media's Content Moderators
    Who decides what should be deleted and what should be kept? Not tech geeks, but content moderators working for third-party subcontractors in the Philippines.
  • 'Blindspot': When The Blinders Came Off
    After three seasons of enjoying the show's engaging characters and fast action, I began to find some flaws.
  • 'Svengoolie' Rules The Diginet (Chicken) Roost
    A bizarrely attired and made-up title character, played by Rich Koz, presents classic horror and sci-fi movies in the tradition of such hosts as Elvira.
  • 'Forensic Files' Serves Up A Never-Ending Casebook
    Think "Law & Order' Is on everywhere? "Forensic Files," available 15 hours every weekday and 19 hours on Saturday and Sunday, may have it beat.
  • Walter Presents 'The Adulterer,' ABC's Stuck With 'Betrayal'
    On Thursday, the second season of "The Adulterer" launches on SVOD service Walter Presents. And that raises a bunch of questions.
  • From 1962, My Best Show Of The Year
    Long before the term "dramedy" was coined, "It's a Man's World" was funny at times, sad at others -- but mostly just a slice of real life.
  • 'Shut Up and Dribble' Scores For Showtime
    Fox News host Laura Ingraham telling LeBron James to "Shut Up and Dribble" bookends Showtime's three-part documentary of that title.
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