• Megyn To Women Of America: Let Me Empower You
    A new promo spot for the Megyn Kelly hour of "The Today Show" promises that women who watch will be "empowered" by her.
  • 'Simpsons' Halloween Special Is Brand Slam For Butterfinger
    Bart Simpson has long been associated with the Butterfinger brand, so it's not surprising to see him in the guise of a Butterfinger bar (renamed "Barterfinger") in an episode of "The Simpsons."
  • Total Viewers Or Better Demos: Who's No. 1 In Late Night?
    By the measuring stick that most people understand best, "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" is the nation's top-rated late-night show.
  • For Sitcom's Sex Harassment Storyline, It's A Question Of Timing
    The makers of "Great News" certainly had no idea their episode about sexual harassment would end up airing in the middle of this week's Harvey Weinstein harassment story.
  • TV Takes You There: The Joys Of Postseason Baseball
    Once you are engaged with one of these epic games, grazing the cable lineup can be set aside for a night for as long as four or five hours.
  • Future Envisioned In 'Mr. Robot' Is Already Here
    "Mr. Robot" means to encompass everything that can conceivably go wrong in our wired, interconnected and dangerously co-dependent world. And it largely succeeds.
  • New For Fall: New 'Dynasty' Can't Trump The Original
    What is it about the present-day cultural and social zeitgeist that makes The CW believe that now is the right time to reboot the old series "Dynasty"?
  • Story Insists Advertisers Would Shun O.J. TV Interview
    Is anything on TV advertiser poison anymore? A story this week on "The Hollywood Reporter" Web site suggests advertisers will not support TV shows featuring new interviews with O.J. Simpson.
  • After Six Years Away, 'Curb' Covers Same Old Ground
    "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is back for a ninth season on HBO, and the show feels pretty much the same, only less so. But that's not such a bad thing if the show you are describing is "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
  • Late Night In America: What Is There To Say Anymore?
    In the context of tragedies in the news earlier in the day, late night was once seen as an end-of-the-day destination where the nation went in search of perspective.
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