• Discovery+ Promo Campaign Is 'Scorched Earth' Strategy
    Discovery has taken a very unsubtle on-air approach to promoting its new Discovery+ subscription streaming service.
  • Biblical Prophecy Comes True As Geek Inherits The Earth
    More and more these days, geek is chic. And if that is the case, no one is more chic right now than Ken Jennings.
  • Ted Danson For 'Mayor'? It Is As Unbelievable As It Sounds
    It is possible the writers of this show set out to position their fictional outlier turned-mayor character as a likable version of Donald Trump.
  • TBS 'Go-Big Show' Provides Uncanny Entertainment
    The Go-Big Show" delivers what its title promises. Everyone -- including the contestants, host and judges -- goes big, and nobody gets hurt.
  • Wily 'Coyote': Border Patrol Drama Brings Chiklis Back To TV
    In the series, titled "Coyote," Chiklis plays a veteran border patrol officer in southern California who is on the cusp of retirement.
  • Tech Gone Wild Was Recurring Theme In Year's Best Shows
    The hazards of advanced technology that outpaces mankind's ability to control it was a recurring theme in some of the best-reviewed shows in the "TV Blog" in 2020.
  • These Duds Were TV's Worst New Shows In 2020
    In the drama category, the worst-reviewed show here might have been Peacock's new telling of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World."
  • COVID Was Year's Biggest Story In TV And Everywhere Else
    The pandemic and its consequences were deeply felt in the TV industry -- which makes COVID-19 the year's top story in television.
  • Who Was Alex Trebek? One Of The Legends We Lost In 2020
    The legends we lost in 2020 included top stars, unforgettable supporting players, talk show hosts, newsmen, writers, executives, producers and more.
  • Good Grief! It's Christmas, But Where Are You, Charlie Brown?
    "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is absent from network television this year for the first time since it premiered on CBS on December 9, 1965.
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