• Killer Asteroid On The Way? CBS Geniuses Have That Covered
    When I watch shows with tech geniuses, the science often goes over my head. However, ignorance of the physics involved in deterring a killer asteroid does not prove to be an obstacle to enjoying CBS' new summer series "Salvation."
  • TNT's 'Will' Imagines Young Shakespeare In Punk-Rock London
    Shakespeare devotees should not expect to learn anything about the bard's young adult life in the new TNT drama series premiering Monday night. The show is pure fantasy.
  • Home Shopping On TV Takes Surprise Turn With HSN, QVC Merger
    There is apparently enough perceived value in the TV home shopping business for long-time rivals QVC and HSN to agree to a merger worth an estimated $2.1 billion.
  • CNN Tackles Security Problem In Wake Of Trump Attack Video
    It's the NFL-ization of TV journalism. Or maybe it's the pro-wrestlization of TV journalism. All are welcome to take their pick. We report, you decide.
  • Trump Positions Presidency On Same Level As TV Wrestling
    With the release of a video of himself "tackling" CNN at a World Wrestling event, Trump melded current presidential politics with pro-, faux-wrestling, and rendered them one and the same.
  • FX Drama About Rise Of Crack Starts Out Slow, Gains Momentum
    FX's newest R-rated drama series "Snowfall" has all the earmarks of an FX show -- violence, f-words, sex and nudity.
  • Trump's War On TV News: It Gets Worse Every Day
    With this week's Twitter attacks on Mika, the Trump "strategy" is to bad-mouth TV personalities who criticize him and then insert a few claims about ratings that are baseless and inaccurate.
  • The Surprising City That Rates Highest For TV, Broadband Services
    A regional power company in Tennessee has emerged as Consumer Reports' top-rated TV provider, edging out Google Fiber by one point.
  • No One Will Be Shocked When Comedian Slams National Anthem
    Here is another show premiere on Comedy Central featuring a comedian no one my age has ever heard of headlining a show based, however loosely, on his life.
  • With Russia Trip, Colbert Shows Why He Has Edge Over Fallon
    Stephen Colbert went to Russia, announced it on his show when he returned, showed some clips and made a lot of jokes about it. Most importantly, he made headlines.
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