• Confusion Reigns As Nutty '90 Day' Show Spawns 8 Spin-Offs
    Some might say that a TV show has hit critical mass when its title comes to be widely known by a shortened abbreviation or acronym.
  • You Must Remember This: Never Forget Black Greats Of Film History
    We are currently in the midst of a national conversation about the ways in which African Americans have been portrayed in our movies.
  • NBCU's Upfront Message: Welcome To NBC Circa 2010
    NBC plans to celebrate its future by placing its past firmly in the spotlight in a virtual Upfront next month.
  • What's In A Name? The Difference Between Success And Failure
    A name that people cannot even pronounce is a terrible choice for a new streaming service whose success depends, at least in part, on word-of-mouth.
  • Society Of Masons: HBO's 'Perry' Vs. Raymond Burr
    The first thing one must do when encountering the new "Perry Mason" is to forget everything you think you know about the character.
  • On 'American Masters': The Glory That Was Mae West
    In this new documentary about Mae West, the point is made that she was censored in virtually every form of 20th century entertainment.
  • Out Of Sync And Out Of Fashion: Cop Shows On The Brink
    It is reasonable to wonder if we are now to witness the demise of one of the core categories of TV content -- cops and criminals.
  • Best Actress: Supporting Hattie McDaniel As 'GWTW' Gets Yanked
    When we decide to ban "Gone With the Wind," it is worth weighing what we lose against what we gain in the process.
  • Note To Our National News Media: Thanks For Nothing
    While America burns, and fear and unrest grip the nation, what does our TV news media do? It throws fuel on a fire that does not need any.
  • 'Don't' Watch List: ABC's Spicy, Silly New Game Show
    A TV show title such as "Don't" excites a TV critic's natural instinct to exploit it in a headline.
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