• Cesar Millan's Understanding Of Dogs Is Wondrous To Behold
    As anyone knows who has watched his TV shows over the years, Cesar Millan has an uncanny knack for understanding the lives and habits of dogs.
  • 'Jeopardy!' Twists And Turns Make For A Fascinating TV Story
    When Mike Richards withdrew from the host job before the job had even begun, the "Jeopardy!" host saga became the TV news story of the year.
  • You Won't Learn Anything New From This College Comedy
    Can this new college English department head ("The Chair" of the show's title) manage her new responsibilities and still stay true to herself?
  • Incredible Story Of How Cher Saved A Suffering Elephant
    Fascinating documentary tells the amazing story of how Cher helped rescue a Pakistani elephant in distress.
  • Attacks On 'Long Island Medium' 9/11 Special Are Unfair
    TLC's "Long Island Medium" is being accused of "exploiting" 9/11 with an upcoming special in which she will be seen contacting the spirits of 9/11 victims.
  • New Hulu Drama Is Tailor-made For An Anxious Age
    The wellness-spa concept gets taken to unpredictable extremes in "Nine Perfect Strangers," a new Hulu drama series streaming this week.
  • RIP Josephine The Plumber: Remembering Jane Withers
    Josephine was one of a handful of unforgettable TV commercial characters from the 1960s and '70s.
  • With Real Hosts In Short Supply, 'Jeopardy!' Producer Grabbed Job
    How did a guy like Mike Richards land the "Jeopardy!" host job? One reason could be: There are no real quiz show hosts anymore.
  • Nauseous Condition Afflicts Comedian's New Food Show
    Anyone who has ever experienced the agony of seasickness might find the premiere episode of this new food show to be rough going.
  • CNBC Show 'Money Court' Is Pitch-Perfect Companion To 'Shark Tank'
    The show has "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary as the judge/mediator of disputes that real people are experiencing around money issues.
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