• What Do Google's Canadian News Blackout Tests Mean For The U.S.?
    The tests, being conducted in response to a new Canadian law protecting news publishers' rights to negotiate with platforms, raise additional questions.
  • Brian Monahan's Quest For Another 'Schoolhouse Rock' Moment
    The following interview was conducted with Brian Monahan a couple of weeks ago, just after two mass shootings in California, but before this week's mass shooting at Michigan State. It was a follow up to news that Monahan, whose day job is global client president and head of Dentsu's Innovation Initiative, had succeeded Carolyn Everson as executive director of the Gun Safety Alliance.
  • 'Finish The Job'
    As far as campaign slogans go, I'm not sure it ranks up there with "Morning In America," but I wouldn't be surprised to see it used in the run-up to November 2024.
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