• Our 2020 Coverage Emphasized 'Right,' Not 'Left'
    Since it's the end of an epic year of political discord, I ran a quantitative analysis of MediaPost's editorial bias. Here's what I found.
  • Lame Duck, It's What's For Indigestion
    If you want a glimpse of what his post-presidency media act will look like, check out the video the @realDonaldTrump account posted on social media Monday ripping off Leo Burnett's famous, "Beef. It's What's For Dinner" campaign for the Beef Industry Council.
  • Twas The Deadline Before Christmas, And All Through The White House...
    Not a signature was stirring, from the Commander-in-Louse. Oops, pardon me! As this is the last "RW&B" of 2020, I couldn't resist taking one last shot.
  • Making A List, Checking It Twice: Here's The Year's Most Misinforming Sites
    I'm pretty sure that when historians look back on this period they will remember it as the epic time in the war on truth. Hopefully, they will not remember it as "The Epoch Times," which is one of the worst repeat offender websites publishing disinformation over the past year, according to NewsGuard, the news and information content ratings service created by a trustworthy journalist, Steve Brill.
  • Nevertheless, He Persisted
    Now that Republican leadership -- not to mention Russia's -- are acknowledging that Joe Biden is the official President Elect of the United States, watch for reality to begin setting in to the rest of the Republican party, even as its titular, albeit lame duck leader, persists that he, not Biden actually won.
  • Profiteer Of The Year: Fox News Channel
    As Fox News wraps up a record year, I just have to ask what lengths it is willing to go to turn a profit? According to a new analysis, it's willing to undermine our public health and safety to do it.
  • Entertainer-in-Chief Sees Brand Equity Slide In Most Categories, Except One
    I've always suspected much of the President's base is in it just for the laughs. Like a WWE wrestling match, they simply like rooting for sides. New research seems to support that.
  • The Rightsizing Of The Fox News Base
    What happens when the dominant right-wing news brand loses its dominant source of promotion? You know, the Promoter-in-Tweet?
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