• Say What You Want About David Cohen, At Least He Has An Ethos
    I didn't attend the IAB's conference, so I was as surprised as anyone to read about Cohen's "extremist" attack on -- well, everybody from Amy Klobuchar to Ted Cruz to Shoshana Zuboff -- as well as a variety of institutions, ideologies and economic models.
  • Why Brian Monahan Wants Us To Learn A New Language
    It's still only January and so far, 2023 is off to one hell of a start, including 41 mass shootings in the U.S. Here's what the Dentsu exec says we should do about that.
  • Peak Idiocracy?
    After a day full of case studies showing the latest in TikTok filters and entertaining memes, I just had to ask if it was the best way for us to elect our representative leaders.
  • The Little Known But Highly Influential Conspiracy Network On Your Programmatic Buys
    "We are proud to provide the technology solutions that enable Salem Media Group to improve the overall listening experience while maximizing inventory monetization and revenue," Triton Digital's John Rosso states in a release extending their relationship.
  • The Leading Exporter Of Weapons Of Mass Disruption
    "We are talking about social media, we're talking about generative artificial intelligence, and a very small number of individuals who control business models that are not intended to destroy democracy."
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