• Protests, Boycotts Take Center Stage Days Before Trump's Inauguration
    Donald Trump's inauguration this Friday is becoming an ominous microcosm of his campaign. It will likely preface an unstable four years. Masses of demonstrators are expected to descend upon Washington, D.C., in protest.
  • White House Reporters Could Be Evicted From West Wing Under Trump Presidency
    More alarming news about Trump's press operation is making the rounds among White House reporters. An 'Esquire' report suggests the Trump administration may kick the White House press corps out of the West Wing.
  • How We Changed As A Nation Over The Past 8 Years
    As President Barack Obama bids farewell to the nation and President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take his oath of office, it is appropriate to reflect at how the country has changed over the past eight years.
  • Trump Derides Fake News, Then Disseminates His Own
    The Trump camp's conflation of BuzzFeed's publication of the report with CNN's coverage that Trump was briefed on the compromising information was unfair. In short, it created a false story line.
  • President Obama Defends Record, Warns Of Turbulent Future
    "Yes, we can! Yes, we did!" President Barack Obama gave his farewell address to the nation yesterday evening in Chicago, carving out one hour of prime time to speak to the country nine days before Donald Trump takes office.
  • Ethical Questions Dog Trump Administration As Confirmation Hearings Begin
    The Republican Congress and incoming administration appear set on avoiding ethics oversight, as a unified House and Senate prepare to bolster the Cabinet picks of president-elect Trump.
  • More From Some Very Dishonest Media, Honestly
    The Holy War between America's Second and Fourth Estates escalated Sunday evening during one of Hollywood's holiest nights, when actress Meryl Streep dissed a performance by Donald Trump, saying there was "nothing good about it." Trump, in turn, tweeted that Streep is "one of the most over-rated actress in Hollywood," proving that he really can act.
  • China Warns Trump On Twitter Diplomacy
    A commentary published by Xinghua, China's state-run news agency, titled "An obsession with 'Twitter foreign policy' is undesirable," made it clear that Trump's twitter addiction will not be tolerated by the Asia-Pacific colossus.
  • Trump's Press Secretary Discusses 'Adversarial Press,' GOP Victory
    Incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer joined top Obama media campaign strategists and former senior White House adviser David Axelrod and former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs for a surprisingly frank and insightful discussion on the rise of Donald Trump and his future press operation.
  • Political Digital Ad Spend Soars As Targeting Comes Of Age
    Overall political advertising in the 2016 election cycle was up marginally (4.6%) cycle-over-cycle, no thanks to the presidential race, where Donald Trump spent 34% less that Mitt Romney's $1 billion in 2012, amounting to a $340 million shortfall.
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