• NY Democratic Debate: Changed Tone, Same Race
    Moderators posed precise and varied questions to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, ranging from the Mideast to gun and energy policy. Last night was a clear reiteration of the growing aversion between the two candidates.
  • Top Presidential TV Ads In Early 2016
    The success of political advertising so far this year has turned conventional wisdom on its head, and the advent of digital media has put additional pressure on TV-heavy strategies. Never mind the Trump effect -- the significance of earned media.
  • Ryan Will Not Accept GOP Nomination, For Real This Time
    Conservative pundits have been flirting with a Paul Ryan nomination for a while. Following weeks of steadfast aversion to running for president, Ryan made a clear and poignant statement ruling himself out.
  • The Fanatical Conservatism Of Ted Cruz
    Amid a raucous GOP primary co-opted by billionaire Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has impressively maneuvered his campaign into striking distance of the Republican nomination. Considering Trump's substantial disapproval numbers, even within the Republican party, Cruz is positioning himself as the candidate who can bring the party back together.
  • Paul Manafort: Trump's Enigmatic New Convention Manager
    Experienced lobbyist and consultant Paul Manafort was named Donald Trump's new convention manager. The embattled Corey Lewandowski looks to be sidelined by Manafort , amid a shake-up in the Trump team.
  • Candidate Ads Appear With Jihadist Videos On YouTube
    Researchers at the Digital Citizens Alliance discovered that many candidates' advertisements on YouTube were placed "next to videos that extol terrorism, push stolen credit card numbers and hacked materials, and demonstrate how to use and spread malware built to take control of computers."
  • Search Data Tells A Story: Which Groups, Controversial Issues Engage Most
    According to data gathered by Quantcast, men are more likely to care about the Hillary Clinton email scandal than women, and Republican men over the age of 45 are the most engaged group on defunding Planned Parenthood.
  • Trump, Clinton Suffer Setbacks In Wisconsin
    Both parties' front-runners suffered losses as Wisconsinites went to the polls to pick a nominee for president. With votes counted, both Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz outdid the polling expectations leading into the contest.
  • Wisconsin: The Next Watershed Contest
    Will Bernie Sanders' momentum carry him to a win in Wisconsin. Will the languishing fumes of a difficult week for Donald Trump give the anti-Trump movement the platform it needs to block his nomination? Wisconsinites will help answer these questions.
  • Anger Simmers In Democratic Nominating Contest
    Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has won five of the last six Democratic nominating contests with strong margins. The Clinton campaign is still confident it can make it through the nominating cycle ahead of Sanders, but glimpses of frustration from the Democratic front-runner and her campaign have started to emerge.
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