• Clinton Retains Critical Lead In TV Advertising, Stein, Johnson Spend More Than Trump
    TV advertising has remained the centerpiece of a political campaign's marketing strategy in 2016. As Trump tries to defy the laws of political marketing, his campaign has fallen behind Clinton's in a number of key swing states, and his TV presence is consistently weaker than one would expect for a presidential campaign.
  • Trump, Johnson Dominate Radio Advertising
    Republicans and Independents are much more likely to be targeted on radio, as Donald Trump and Gary Johnson far outpace a nonexistent Clinton presence.
  • If Not For 'Disgusting' Media Trump Would Be Up 20% On Clinton ... Really?
    Donald Trump has made a new mind-bending claim. He's trying to distract attention away from his plummeting poll numbers and news that the party he is now the de facto leader of is looking to limit the amount of funds being funneled to his campaign.
  • Putin And His Hackers May Not Be Done With Us Yet
    Following the release of hacked DNC emails in the days leading up to the Democratic National Convention, questions have been raised about Russia's clear interest in meddling with the U.S. presidential election. Former KGB agent and current Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be attempting to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump both overtly and covertly.
  • Clinton Dominates Digital, Fundraising, Does Trump Have The Resources To Compete?
    The Clinton campaign has been heavily invested in digital advertising and data analytics for almost the entire lifetime of the campaign, whereas Trump has just started. Trump's Twitter addiction points to a completely new way of politicians interacting with voters and the world.
  • Trump Flails As His Odds Of Becoming President Shrink
    Donald Trump has continued to push the boundaries of acceptability in political discourse, something we have come to expect over the past year. Signals from the Republican party point to disillusionment with their nominee, as the general election pivot seems increasingly unlikely.
  • Clinton TV Ad Blitz Coming, Targets Olympics
    The Hillary Clinton campaign has reserved over $8 million in TV ad time targeted during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. eyond the Clinton campaign's $8 million, Priorities USA, the pro-Clinton super PAC, is set to spend an additional $14 million on ads during the period. Trump is sitting the Games out.
  • TV Is Strongest Influencer On Voting Behavior
    Across all age groups, 80% of registered voters are likely to have first gained knowledge about a candidate or issue on TV, according to a Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) study from April. The number is slightly lower at 74% for the Millennial group, though TV retains the lead over all other media among this age group.
  • Trump's Fund-Raising Efforts Begin To Rival Clinton, Takes In $80 Million
    The Trump campaign and his joint fund-raising vehicles with the GOP last month is closing the gap with Hillary Clinton. They hauled in $80 million; the Dems raised $90 million.
  • Pro-Trump TV Ads Most Effective In July, Clinton Ads Fall Short
    Both Trump and Clinton camps released a number of TV ad heavily focused on Independent voters. During July, Hillary for America and Clinton PACs released six ads, and Trump PACs released two.
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