• Clinton Sees Stronger Emotional Engagement Than Trump After Conventions
    With the national party conventions in our rearview mirror, it is crucial for candidates to connect to voters on visceral levels.
  • Viber Messaging, Peanuts Worldwide Dive Into Politics
    As the November 8 election looms, the Democratic and Republican parties will be searching for those undecided voters, hoping to tip the scales in their favor. While the party apparatus is looking for an edge, organizations like Viber and Peanuts are increasingly taking advantage of the excitement around the 2016 presidential cycle.
  • DNC Surpasses RNC On Twitter, Both Parties Ramp Up Rival Attacks
    The past two weeks saw the nominations of two of the most disliked politicians aspiring to win our country's highest office in recent memory. Despite the negativity, the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and the Republican National Convention in Cleveland generated an enormous splash online.
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