Trump's Fund-Raising Efforts Begin To Rival Clinton, Takes In $80 Million

Despite a difficult few weeks in terms of overall PR and polling for the Donald Trump campaign, the GOP nominee has been able to quickly increase his fund-raising totals in July.

He made a $80 million total haul between the Trump campaign and his joint fund-raising vehicles with the GOP last month, quickly closing the gap with Hillary Clinton. Between her campaign and joint vehicles with the Democratic Party, they raised $90 million.

The Trump campaign, with its GOP joint fund-raising operation, now has about $74 million cash-on-hand, compared to the $102 million the Democrats and Clinton have after strong fund-raising in July.

According to Fluent’s “Election 2016 Omnichannel Marketing Effectiveness Survey” conducted on July 30, 2016, Trump’s effectiveness on email has increased noticeably from 12% of respondents saying they have seen or read a Trump email advertisement on July 9, to 18% who have on July 30.



Likewise, his effectiveness on TV has jumped from 43% to 53% over the same period.

Hillary Clinton’s ad effectiveness or reach has also increased on TV and email, while she did start July at a stronger level than Donald Trump. Her TV ad reach grew significantly from 49% to 67% over the period from July 9 to July 30, and from 17% to 26% on email.

July did see more ads aired by the Clinton camp, but as explained in yesterday’s Red, White & Blog, they were less effective among Independents than the few Trump TV ads that came out last month.

According to the Fluent survey, Independents saw a touch more Clinton TV ads than Trump ones, but were more likely to be served with Trump ads than Clinton ads online, by a margin of 51% to 46%.

As noted in yesterday’s post, the party conventions were surely the biggest promotion opportunities for both candidates, but going forward, multifaceted ad strategies will be crucial to both turnout and convincing the all-important swing voters before November 8.

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