Anti-Clinton Spots Lead In Volume Among Negative Ads

As Donald Trump begins his largest TV ad buy yet of the 2016 presidential cycle, his surrogates have been significantly ramping up the frequency of their anti-Clinton spots.

Between the Rebuilding America Now PAC and the NRA’s Political Victory Fund, Hillary Clinton found herself on the receiving end of 2,666 TV spots in the past 10 days, from August 19 to August 28, according to a report from Media Monitors, which tracked the 61 top DMAs.

The most recent ads from the pro-Trump Rebuilding America Now PAC point to the Clinton Foundation as a source of corruption and of strong monetary return for the Clintons.

In “Outsourcing” and “Dead Broke,” two spots released within the past month, the pro-Trump PAC harps on one of Clinton’s biggest ongoing problems: the Clinton Foundation. Framing the Foundation as a cash cow and influence peddling scheme, Rebuilding America Now PAC is signaling a continued focus on the Clinton organization.



As of August 26, Rebuilding America Now has spent $10,642,224 against Hillary Clinton, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The NRA’s Political Victory Fund has taken a different approach. Through its ad “Hillary Will Leave You Defenseless,” it's effectively saying Clinton believes she deserves a different standard of protection than ordinary Americans.

While a difference in security standards is clear, as she is a former First Lady and now a leading presidential candidate, the ad insinuates Clinton would outlaw guns. The ad’s narrator says: “She doesn’t believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense,” a claim that is false.

Within the same 10-day time frame, the pro-Clinton Priorities USA Action PAC placed 1,885 ads against Donald Trump. The main attack on Trump from the PAC’s most recent spots is his insensitivity toward the families of military personnel, especially to those of minority groups.

The ad “Michelle” highlights the comments Trump made about the Khan family, focusing on the insensitive remarks Trump made following the Democratic National Convention. “Our Country” contrasts a mother of soldiers of minority heritage with comments Trump has made regarding America being for those who “speak English.”

During the 2016 cycle, Priorities USA Action PAC has spent a hefty $71,720,316 through a variety of channels to sustain a sophisticated operation, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

This has been among the most negative campaigns in recent memory, and from the recent volume of negative advertising, there is no reason to expect either candidate to rise above the fray.

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