• DNC Philadelphia: Eastern State Penitentiary And Criminal Justice Reform
    With Philadelphia hosting the Democratic National Convention this Summer, Eastern State Penitentiary is holding exhibitions exploring the world of criminal justice and the current state of our nation's penal system.
  • The Emerging Trump Republican Voter Profile
    As the Grand Old Party rips open at the seams, political marketers are taking a closer look at an emerging demographic group within the Republican party - one significantly distinct from the traditional Republican demographic. 'Red, White & Blog' spoke with Bryan Melmed, VP of Insights Services at Exponential, to probe the many changes in the political sphere.
  • Will The Clinton, Trump Nominations Affect Party Loyalty?
    With the general election in everyone's sights, there has been talk of significant crossover between Democrats and Republicans, considering both candidates' heavily below-average approval ratings, even within their own parties.
  • Jon Stewart Rips Into News Media, Donald Trump
    The former host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" joined David Axelrod for a live taping of his "Axe Files" podcast on Monday, where the two discussed Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the role of the media in the current political atmosphere.
  • If It's Not The Snapchat Election, What Is It?
    Going back to the presidential election in 2000, digital media have been steadily ingrained into political marketing strategies. We had the email election in 2000, the blogging election in 2004, the Facebook contest in 2008 and the Twitter election in 2012. So, what will we call the 2016 iteration?
  • Stage Set For The Great Republican Schism
    The scene within the Republican party is looking increasingly convoluted in the days following the Indiana primary. We have a presumptive GOP nominee who both lacks the endorsement of his party's majority leader in the House of Representatives and is publicly at odds with that same official's legislative agenda.
  • Will Emotion Trump Reason In 2016?
    What kind of president would Donald Trump be? He regularly contradicts himself within a single speech and seems to believe that anything he says can be walked back. The GOP nominee's strategy seems locked on voters' hearts rather than their minds.
  • General Electorate Ready For Change, Again
    Traditional party platforms have been anathema to the electorates of either party this election cycle. With disaffected voters at an all-time high, coupled with a general lack of trust in the federal government and by extension, both parties' apparati, political marketers and advertisers will have the chance to reach a larger number of potentially swayable voters.
  • Trump Is Coming
    So that's that. Donald Trump, barring some wild unforeseen circumstances, will be tapped as the Republican nominee for president of the United States at the GOP convention in Cleveland. His only real competitor, and a long-shot one at that, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, dropped out of the GOP race after the results of the Indiana primary became clear.
  • Indiana: The Last Stand For The Stop-Trump Movement
    Donald Trump's campaign is aware of the significance of winning Indiana, even if only to push Texas Sen. Ted Cruz into a tighter corner. Last week, top campaign strategist Paul Manafort told Republican officials that Trump was expanding his on-staff operations in the state.
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